Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jump start into life.

I'm sitting here, in my parents house, the house I spent all four of my high school years in. Yet now I am 24, have been out of my parents house officially for 2 years and unofficially for 6. But still for some reason when I am here I still feel like I am in high school. Not in a omg why do I feel like I'm in hs. But in a nice, relaxing, I could get used to this again sort of way. I'm not going to argue w/ my mom when she wants to do my laundry or iron my shirts. And its something new to have my dad come down and make sure I'm awake at 6 am for work. (something he did all throughout highschool and well every year of my life prior to college). Its a nice break from the independent Sara lifestyle I have established. Don't get me wrong, I love that lifestyle, and I will be pressing play on that part of my life once this 6 weeks segue is over. But for right now, I enjoy coming home at 6 pm and having a meal already on the table for me. And its fun getting to spend time w/ my parents as a (gasp) adult. As my dad said last night, i am staying at the Banks B & B.

I started my job at "the firm" as I will refer to it. I have a desk in an office on the second floor that looks out onto an old abandoned building, and I love it. This is my first law firm gig in my life and considering I am a 3L in law school, I know that's a bit hard to comprehend. The last week and a half have been eye opening and challenging and reaffirming. Let's just say I realized I could write a paper, that in law school took me 3 weeks to write, in 7 hours. And I am also appreciating the firms willingness to woo myself and the 4 other clerks with fancy lunches, happy hours, and dinners. I completely plan on demonstrating my steller bowling skills (thank you Baylor U and a $1000 bowling lesson) at our firm bowling party in three weeks.

Other than that things are peachy. I, like Elaine, have caught the shopping bug and I am having to restrain myself. And I get to see Mike in less than a week...yes one week...less than 7 days...if you know me well enough you don't even have ot ask if I am excited. Let's just say, its been 7 months.

Well guess I will wrap this saga up.

Much love.

Kudos: Paychecks and getting to see Mike so soon.
Dang: 6:20am.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is me relaxing.

I guess I should do a little update now that finals are over. Thank goodness. So here ya go
  • Turned 24.
  • Took 3 finals.
  • Confronted my really loud neighbors at 4:30 in the morning, in my pjs.
  • Experienced the wost back pain in my life, in the middle of finals, yea that was really fun.
  • Cleaned my apt finally.
  • Became a 3L, as in a third year law student, as in this time next year I will be graduated from Law school, an attorney, a lawyer. About to take bar classes, then about to take the Bar, that's right that test deserves a capital B.
  • I move to Fort Worth for 6 weeks in 4 days.
  • I start my job a week from today, doing lawyerly things.
  • I get to see Mike in less than a month!!!!!!!!!!!

That's about all the updates I have. I know it was general but that's all I am in the mood for. I'm just enjoying having free time and getting to be able to run errands, sleep, hang out w/ friends, and enjoy my week off.

Much Love

Yay: No more school, no more finals, getting to see Mike in no time :)

Dang: um there really aren't any right now. i guess.... cleaning out my closet.