Monday, March 31, 2008

This is me with a month of law school left!

Hello friends. After that last scary experience post, I decided to update you on happier things that are going on right now. Here's a little rundown:

  • Going to Vegas on Friday morning with a bunch of law school girl friends, for a weekend of FUN in celebration of our pending graduation from law school. Couldn't be more excited and ready to go right now.
  • Currently sitting in a study room at school about to crank out about 10 pages of my seminar paper. Our second draft is due tomorrow, and I'm hoping to have roughly 32 of the 40 pages done so I can get good feedback.
  • Ate some crawfish this past weekend in Galveston, they were delish.
  • MS150 is in TWO weeks, craziness, but looking forward to getting my butt kicked. Atleast its a butt kicking for a good cause.
  • Still looking for a job...
  • Um, yea I only have one final, which means I'll start studying for it after I turn my seminar paper in.
  • My 25th birthday is in almost a month, so start planning :) jk.
  • Almost been dating patrick for 6 months officially, 7 months unofficially. Great!

Thats about all the excitement in my life right now.

Much love,


Dang: papers

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Scariest Experience Ever, happened to me.

I went to the galleria last night after work to find a dress for the banquet. On my way home i was stopped on Westheimer with a bunch of other cars waiting on a train, just west of Highland Village. I was sitting tehre and i heard honking and a car trying to edge in between my car and the car in front of mine. but there wasn't any room. So i gave a little honk to let him know that he was about to side swipe my car. And he backed up and I thought ok he's going to quit, but oh no, he continued edging forward. Finally the car in front of me scooted forward and he somehow maneuvered his car in perpendicular to my car and really almost hit it, definitely grazed it. So i honked again and he turned at me said "bitch" and flicked me off.

I sat there stunned, so ohe pulls his car into the yellow middle lane (he was attempting to make a u turn aroud my car), blocking me in. Gets out of his car, walks straight towards my car door, I lock it so fast and just froze. He took a shiny object like a wrench came up to my window and busted my window in so that glass flew all over my car and all over me and scratced me up (luckily just a few nicks, thank the Lord that car windows are meant to shatter), but he hit it so hard that it put a hole through the window righ tnext to me head. Hits the front of my car with the object, gets back in his car, looks directly at me and says "Good luck trying to get my license plate number bitch" and sped off.

And i just started shaking uncontrollably and sobbing and didn't know what to do and there was glass all over me and my car and my arm was bleeding and i got my phone and the car next to me rolled down their weindow and it was a really nice mom and dad and daughter and they saw everything, so they called the police for me and gave them a bunch of descriptions. And told me to pull off into the side street (keep in mind at this point the train is still going and all the cars around me saw it, and there was a car of guys like 3 cars ahead of me that had the doors to their car open like they were ready to pounce if he went physically after me even more). So the train ends and I eventually pull over into this side street, and the car pulled over that was next to me and waited with me until the police came. There was glass everywhere and i was still so shaken up. The police came and took their statement and I gave him my statement. And he said it would be really hard to find this guy. The car behind the car that stopped w/ me gave a lot of information to that car and so there was a better physical description than i could give. The policeman said the description matched the description of a guy and the car that has been breaking into cars down the street. And they would charge him w/ assault. My brother in law showed up b/c he workds down the street and patrick left class and came. They cleaned my car out and then we went and vacuumed it and I currently have no window on my drivers side. The glass guy is coming between 12-3 to replace it. It was the most frightening experience of my entire life. The split second between him getting out of the car and walking towards my car was the worst ever, not knowing what he was going to do, if he had a gun. Luckily it was just a wrench but if he had hit any harder he would have hit me in the head and today would be a different story. I'm thankful there are still good ppl in this world who will help you out b/c i literally could not think after it happened. From this point on I'm not going to honk at anyone and i'm pretty paranoid when I drive. So anyways that's my lovely fun story. Just thought I'd give you a heads up that there really are really really really mean crazy ppl who get so mad they physically assault someone even in River Oaks. Just be careful. I'm ok, was pretty shaken up last night. Luckily the cuts on my arms aren't bad. Love y'all.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is me on my last spring break ever.

As I write this, I'm sitting on the couch in my pjs, and it is 3 pm. Don't judge. I actually did get up early this morning, and went and mediated out in Humble. But now I'm enjoying my last full day without my family here (they are coming to visit this weekend), so I'm vegging out while watching the Bears lose. I did spend some time planning out my paper and picking up around my apt. I'm going to the Rodeo tonight to see Dierks Bentley (hottie) w/ Alisa. Should be a fun time and a good chance to hang out w/ Alisa. I'll do a little recap of the past few days where i drove from Houston to Arlington to Dallas to Arlington to Boerne to San Antonio to Houston. Whew.

First, I attended the wedding of Jen and Ryan! It was beautiful and very fun! I was in the house party and Elaine and I did a good program handing out job. Go us! The reception was fun as well. The pasta was yummy, as was the cake. I also got a chance to catch up w/ a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a long time. Jen looked beautiful and happy, and Ryan looked great as well.
After the McCrady wedding, I headed down to Boerne, TX and met up w/ Patrick. We stayed at his dad's house in Boerne, and it was nice to relax and hang out. We don't see each other a lot during the day, mostly at night, b/c of our busy almost lawyer schedules, so it was nice to spend some qt time during the day. On Monday we wento 4 different wineries around Fredericksburg. We have gotten into wine in the past few months and so it was fun to try a few different kinds of wine. We found some we really like and some not so much and we managed to navigate there without a map. We are just cool like that. We ate dinner at a German restaurant in Fburg that night b/c I wanted to go to a German restuarant but when I got there the chicken fried chicken sounded a lot better than any of the german food, so I ate bits of Patrick's german food. Tuesday we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns on probably the busiest day they had the entire year. Awesome. After waiting in line for an hour, we bought tix, and toured the underground cavern. It was really cool to be 185 feet under the ground, but got a bit humid after a while. No bat sightings, but did see a lot of bat poop. After that we went to the Wildlife Ranch (b/c it was next door), i was more excited about going than Patrick was, but I think once we got in there he liked it as much as I did, if not more. We fed a lot of different animals from the car and got to see a rhino and some llamas, and lots of different deer species and such that I can't remember their names, but Patrick knew all of them. It was a fun time! After that we just went and hung out in Boerne and relaxed. We came back last night. I had a great time!
Now I'm back in Houston. As I said relaxing right now b/c next week is going to be crazy busy, have to get that darn seminar paper written (25 more pages) and since it seems I threw away my first draft w/ comments from my prof on it (awesome i know), i have a lot of work to do, lots of research. You'll be able to find me in the library.
I'm going to Vegas in two weeks with some girls from Law school. I've never been and I'm extremely looking forward to it! Yay! Should be a really great time and we are staying at Caesar's Palace on the strip. Woo!
And the birthday weeks are upon me, about 8 friends have birthdays within the next two weeks! Awesome :) Always a fun time.
Thats about all i gots.
Happy Easter!
Yay: Family visiting!
Dang: Throwing away something I really shouldn't have on accident.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is me after one fun wedding!

Hi friends. This past weekend I attended an AMAZING wedding of Elaine and Brian Flores! I was a bridesmaid and the whole weekend was just perfect. Elaine looked beautiful and couldn't stop smiling the whole time. It was great to see them married. I also got to see a bunch of college friends I hadn't seen in a long time and that was great. Felt almost like we were at a ZTA function (ha, i kid). But in any case it was fun to have all of us in the same place at the same time, just reminded me how blessed I am w/ all those friends still in my life 3 years later. Now i'm back in the dirty-H, I'm leaving tomorrow evening to drive up to Dallas for the wedding of Jen and Ryan. Should be a great time and I'll try to be the best program hander outer that I can be! After that is Spring Break, and Patrick and I are heading to the hill country for a little vacay, hopefully hit up some wineries! Here are a few pics from the wedding this past weekend:

Getting Elaine ready!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is me with yet another update.

Well friends. Just thought I'd give y'all a little bitty update of what has been going on in my life the last few weeks...

Moot Court: We went to White Plains, NY, Matt, David and I and our coaches Pattie and Maritza. Thursday we competed in two preliminary rounds. I argued for the Environment in the first round in front of the same judge I argued the same position for last year in the first prelim round, crazy, and he recognized us. DIdn't argue in prelim2 , but Matt got speaker for that round. Then argued in the prelim round 3 on Friday and I got best speaker for that round! Exciting, esp since I took it away from a girl who had gotten best speaker in the first two rounds. Ha. Take that. We broke (made it) into the quarterfinals that evening, and alas I didn't get to argue, it wasn't my position, so Matt and David argued an did just great! Unfortunately judges SUCK and we didn't make it to the semis, but we should have. We did just amazing and our hard work definitely showed. We ate a lot of really yummy food, including a fabulous dinner at Morton's Steakhouse, and then Saturday we watched the finals, then went into NYC! Yay! We had dinner at a seafood place and then went and saw Young Frankenstein. OMG so good/funny/hilarious. I recommend it to anyway. Its a little more PG-13, and there were some little kiddos sitting next to me, luckily most of the jokes aren't outright dirty, soo that's good I guess. But I loved it. love love love loved it! Then we all went out in NYC till about 5:30 am. The bars there don't close till 4am, so we had some pizza around 2am and kept on. At that time, my coach Maritza (she's around 28) and her bf and his friend and my friend justin came out with us. So much fun. good way to end the whole deal!
Paper - first draft done and done and done. Next time I should edit it before I email it so that I don't get a note from my prof telling me i need to go see a tutor abuot how to write proper grammatical sentences...oops. Pretty sure in my 20th year of school I know how to do that, its just really a matter of caring in my first draft...ha.
Houston Rodeo: I have had a great time so far this year and its only been two days. Haha. Lauren and Dave invited Patrick and I to go to Tim McGraw on Monday night. So much fun :) And then last night I went with Kate (sister) to see Faith Hill. We ate some bbq, fed some baby animals, looked at some cows and bulls (to which i learned my sister is afraid of bulls, interesting), and watched some rodeo. Had an absolutely great time :) Next up... Dierks w/ Alisa!
Coming up....
- Elaine and Brian's Wedding Weekend of fun! Yaya so excited to see them get married, dance, see college friends, and celebrate this wonderful occasion with both of them!!
- MPRE: before I can do that though I have to take a professional responsibiltiy test for Law school on Sat. morning, awesome. Pretty sure I'll be the only one there taking it in a sunday dress (for the bridal luncheon)
- Get to see my family three weekends in a row (elaine's wedding, jen's wedding, and easter weekend).
- Spring break: going on a mini-vacay to the hill country w/ Patrick :)
- Actually begin research on my paper now that all the extraneous things to prepare for are through (moot court/mpre).
- Look for a job!
- Jen and Ryans wedding (next weekend)!
- Graduate (ok that's a little further away, but really only 2 months!!)
Much Love.
Yay: Elaine and Brian's wedding!
Dang: MPRE