Monday, March 31, 2008

This is me with a month of law school left!

Hello friends. After that last scary experience post, I decided to update you on happier things that are going on right now. Here's a little rundown:

  • Going to Vegas on Friday morning with a bunch of law school girl friends, for a weekend of FUN in celebration of our pending graduation from law school. Couldn't be more excited and ready to go right now.
  • Currently sitting in a study room at school about to crank out about 10 pages of my seminar paper. Our second draft is due tomorrow, and I'm hoping to have roughly 32 of the 40 pages done so I can get good feedback.
  • Ate some crawfish this past weekend in Galveston, they were delish.
  • MS150 is in TWO weeks, craziness, but looking forward to getting my butt kicked. Atleast its a butt kicking for a good cause.
  • Still looking for a job...
  • Um, yea I only have one final, which means I'll start studying for it after I turn my seminar paper in.
  • My 25th birthday is in almost a month, so start planning :) jk.
  • Almost been dating patrick for 6 months officially, 7 months unofficially. Great!

Thats about all the excitement in my life right now.

Much love,


Dang: papers

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