Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where I'll be going in July for my first vacay since starting work!

I cannot wait! It'll be my first vacay since going to Cancun last August after the Bar Exam. Patrick and I are looking forward to enjoying a week of leisurely activities!
Much Love.
Updates to come:
- Shelley's Wedding Festivities!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I am loving right now ...

My IHome. I received this lovely present from my wonderful parents for my birthday this past weekend. I have been listening to music now every day all day at work and just makes the day go by so much better when I have a little entertainment coming from the left side of my desk. Right now i'm enjoying 99.1 (which for non-houstonites is the soft rock station - ha yes friends that is right, but they play such fun oldies and love songs that i find myself singing along). I'm sure later I'll enjoy a little bit of my IPod selections (really into - Adele and Ray Lamontagne right now) and maybe a bit of talk radio (Medved!).

My Snuggie. Nothing quite like rolling up in a blue fleece blanket, while I watch Gossip Girl, drink a glass of wine, and still have the use of my arms (thanks again Elaine!).

My fun jewelry. I tried to pass the word along for my birthday that I desperately needed fun necklaces to spice up my work outfits, and my awesome friends delivered. It is so nice now to have fun jewelry to brighten up my day :)

My Slumdog Millionaire movie. Graciously given to me by the L in SNL.

My Star Trek experience (and Chris Pine - H-O-T-T). Friday night Patrick and I went to the opening of the new Star Trek movie. Now friends, I'm not a trekkie, nor have I ever really seen any episodes of Star Trek. And I received a brief synopsis of characters while waiting in line from the drunk guys standing in front of us. Needless to say, I greatly enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining and engaging. I recommend it for anyone, especially us none star trek followers. Not to mention, Chris Pine, is one good looking James T. Kirk.

My new watch. I am still getting used to being able to know what time it is, and i still seek the time out from other objects than my watch. But seeing as how I have to "bill" my time it's nice now to know what time I start projects and finish them. Oh the joys of being an attorney.


AND - Shelley's Getting Married This Weekend!!!!!

I cannot wait for the wedding festivities. I am headed to Dallas tomorrow night in order to be bright and shiny for the start of wedding fun on Friday morning. I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle and marry Dan. I'll definitely have pics (I'll remember the memory card this time) next week!

Much Love.

Yay: Focus.
Dang: Wishing it was Thursday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Day in a Nutshell .. (M-F that is)

Well this post is a bit delayed, but I took a blogger hiatus up until the last two posts...Here is a glimpse of what my typical work day is like (Weekends always vary so I won't give a glimpse into those and I typically blog about them anyways so ya know what I do :))

6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. (I'm a snoozer)

7 a.m. - this is something new I'm trying, but as of today its been two days i've worked out before work!

7:30 am - 8:30 am

9 am - Work

9:00 am - always have to have coffee

Ok - i'm inpatient and easily annoyed by tedious tasks such as dragging pictures down to their spot --- sooo here is my day in a nutshell without pictures - just visualize :)
9:15am - Check blogs/facebook/news
9:00 am - noonish -- Lawyerly activites, such as drafting and talking on the phone and negotiating and sometimes attending depositions and hearings and meetings.
Noonish - Lunch! (I always schedule time for lunch!)
1ish - 6ish -- Lawyerly activites (see above)
Insert in this time period - trips to Sbux in the tunnels; trips to the convenience store in my building; bathroom breaks; convos with my assistant; staring out the window at the new building being built
6ish - 7ish -- Brave Houston traffic and crappy drivers.
7ish -- arrive home to my Callie waiting for me at the door to give me a hug (i for some reason always have to use the restroom right when I get home too, not sure why.)
7ish -- 11:30ish -- various activities depending upon the day: Greek, Gossip Girl, Biggest Loser, SVU, AI, SYTYCD (i know its not on yet, but soon!), Lost, Grey's, Office, etc...; Happy Hours; Hanging out with the Boy; cooking dinner; eating dinner; lounging; laundry; watching movies (normally when I hang out with the Boy b/c he generally does not enjoy the shows I do, except for Biggest Loser).
11:30ish to Midnightish - Lights out.
Hm, if you see I generally only allow myself 6.5 hours of sleep a night, no wonder i'm tired during the day, need to work on that one. oops.
There ya go my day in a nutshell, oh the exciting life I lead.
Much love.
Yay: Dinner with Tara tonight!
Dang: weigh in tomorrow...

BTW - LOVING Zac Brown Band's new song (it's playing right now on my radio)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Nancy!

Happy Mother's Day to the BEST MOM in the World (i'm partial..)

This past Sunday I was able to celebrate Mother's day with my wonderful Mom. Since they were in town for my birthday, I got to see her on the actual day (which is a rarity - bad thing about living 4 hours apart, oh how i wish they or i lived closer to each other). I got her gift cards to her fave stores and my dad and I treated her to Brunch at this restaurant in Houston called Baba Yegas. They have the best brunch! We waited a while but it was definitely worth it (yes more mimosas).

My mom means the entire world to me. She is encouraging, loving, and caring and has shown me what a Godly woman is. She has such strength and integrity not to mention patience. She has faced such hard times in her life but has dealt with them with courage and perserverance. I am blessed to have a mom like her, a mom I can call at any moment during the day, a mom who lets me cry on her shoulder, and gives me long hugs every time I see her. A mom who listens to me and gives me sound advice, even when I don't want to hear it. I cannot imagine a life without her in it. Happy MoM's day Mom :) I can only hope that one day I am the mother to my children that you are to me. I love you.

Birthday Festivities Recap


On Saturday, May 2nd, I had a Fiesta for my Birthday! I had it at my sister's house in Pearland. Patrick and Steve grilled fajitas and we had lots of ritas. I set up rock band in the living room and jammed out. About 40 people showed up, which really meant a lot to me! Including my dear friends from Houston and those great friends who drove all the way from D-Town to celebrate with me (Elaine and Leslie, Liz and Josh!) I had a really great time ringing in my 26th year of life. This was the first party I was able to have since high school due to my birthday always falling in the middle of finals. Not anymore! Shout out to Elaine - she got me a Snuggie. Be jealous, its okay. I unfortunately left my memory card in my computer so I don't have any pics, but Elaine graciously let me use her camera all night so I'm just waiting for those (hint hint ;) ).

Actual Birthday:

Tuesday May 5th was the actual Cinco de Sara Day. I am now in the real world and unfortunately had to work on my birthday. That morning I met a good friend for Breakfast at Buffy Grille (one of my fave breakfast places). Then I went to work and had a depo all morning (that's short for deposition). I came back from the depo and lunch and had pink roses waiting for me sent my from wonderful parents, it was a very sweet surprise (they are still alive and sitting on my desk at work, makes me happy when I look at them during the day). That evening I went to dinner with Patrick at this yummy italian place in Rice Village. We drank wine and ate a lovely dinner outside on their patio. He got me a very pretty james avery necklace that matches my earrings, it has two pearls on it and is silver. I luvs it. All in all a great birthday day!

Parental Celebration:

My parents came into town for the day on Saturday. We went to brunch at Benjy's, this really cool local restaurant, we sipped mimosas (by sip I mean I had three, oops) and had a wonderful brunch. Then we went to The Menil Collection. The Menil is a free museum with art exhibits - Picasso, Matisse, the list goes on. It is located down the street from my apt and I had never been before. It was truly peaceful and relaxing. They had a nice park next to the museum which looked like a perfect spot to come during a lazy day in the summer, throw a book down, and read a book. I'm tellin ya it was perfect and quiet and wonderful. After the museum, we went to hang out at my apartment until dinner. My parents napped and I watched tv and played with my new IHome i got from my parents for my office (which I used today and it made the day go by so much better), and set my new watch I also got from my parents. That night my parents, Patrick, and Kate went to dinner at my fave little italian joint in houston, Collinas. They have the best pizza and they are BYOW (bring your own wine). My parents had never eaten there before so I was excited to share it with them. They enjoyed it as well!

I had a truly great 26th birthday! I can't believe next years birthday is 27, yikes...

Much love.

Yay: 4 day work weeks.
Dang: Got my butt kicked at my trainer this morning - that may be a good thing though.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"They say its your birthday ..."

As of 6:35 am this morning I officially turned 26 years old! I make it a habit to be awake for this moment and I was today :)