Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Day in a Nutshell .. (M-F that is)

Well this post is a bit delayed, but I took a blogger hiatus up until the last two posts...Here is a glimpse of what my typical work day is like (Weekends always vary so I won't give a glimpse into those and I typically blog about them anyways so ya know what I do :))

6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. (I'm a snoozer)

7 a.m. - this is something new I'm trying, but as of today its been two days i've worked out before work!

7:30 am - 8:30 am

9 am - Work

9:00 am - always have to have coffee

Ok - i'm inpatient and easily annoyed by tedious tasks such as dragging pictures down to their spot --- sooo here is my day in a nutshell without pictures - just visualize :)
9:15am - Check blogs/facebook/news
9:00 am - noonish -- Lawyerly activites, such as drafting and talking on the phone and negotiating and sometimes attending depositions and hearings and meetings.
Noonish - Lunch! (I always schedule time for lunch!)
1ish - 6ish -- Lawyerly activites (see above)
Insert in this time period - trips to Sbux in the tunnels; trips to the convenience store in my building; bathroom breaks; convos with my assistant; staring out the window at the new building being built
6ish - 7ish -- Brave Houston traffic and crappy drivers.
7ish -- arrive home to my Callie waiting for me at the door to give me a hug (i for some reason always have to use the restroom right when I get home too, not sure why.)
7ish -- 11:30ish -- various activities depending upon the day: Greek, Gossip Girl, Biggest Loser, SVU, AI, SYTYCD (i know its not on yet, but soon!), Lost, Grey's, Office, etc...; Happy Hours; Hanging out with the Boy; cooking dinner; eating dinner; lounging; laundry; watching movies (normally when I hang out with the Boy b/c he generally does not enjoy the shows I do, except for Biggest Loser).
11:30ish to Midnightish - Lights out.
Hm, if you see I generally only allow myself 6.5 hours of sleep a night, no wonder i'm tired during the day, need to work on that one. oops.
There ya go my day in a nutshell, oh the exciting life I lead.
Much love.
Yay: Dinner with Tara tonight!
Dang: weigh in tomorrow...

BTW - LOVING Zac Brown Band's new song (it's playing right now on my radio)

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Mary said...

We love SYTYCD! I can't wait for it to start later this month!!!