Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is me yet again in the midst of finals.

Its that time of year again... the looming finals. I have four this semester. One a week from Thursday, one on tuesday the 11th, another on thursday the 13th, and last one on saturday the 15th. AND there are many things that make getting through the next three weeks alive -

Christmas w/ my family!

Week long cruise w/ my boyfriend and his family :)

Only one semester of law school left ever.



No studying.

Hanging out w/o finals looming over my head.

Thanksgiving break was great. I didn't study, which may or may not be a good thing, I'll let you know when I get my grades. Ate lots of good food, hung out w/ my family, and introduced Patrick to the familia as well. It was fun having him see where I grew up and hang out w/ my family. I also got to see the lovely Elaine on Friday night.

About to go see Beowulf in 3D. I think i'm more excited about getting to wear the cool 3D glasses than the movie. Yea b/c they are that awesome wish I could wear them everyday. no really.

This might be the last post for a while.

Much love.

Yay: Life after finals.

Dang: Finals.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little sample of the crazy-ness that is my life right now.

Here's a little run down of everything I have on my plate right now:

  • Helping host the National Moot Court Regional Competition Thurs. - Sat.
  • Brief due for Pace Competition on Dec. 3rd -- i have one issue written, need to edit, then write my second, then edit, then put together. awesome. Conveniently due 3 days before my first final. love it.
  • BIG trial on Saturday. I am in a trial advocacy class, and for our final we have to do a trial, from voir dire to closing to motions in limine, the whole she bang. I'm pretty excited about this one, not to mention nervous, better get my arguing shoes on.
  • OH and did I mention i have four finals this semester, b/c I do. And those start in 4 weeks. I don't even have time to think about them at this point. Sweet.

Deep breaths.

But there are some good things right now that are keeping me from going insane, such as:

  • Getting to go home on Tuesday and hang out w/ my family and friends for Thanksgiving break. (no worries I will be doing some studying too).
  • Getting to eat my favorite meal of the year, gorge myself if you will.
  • My boyfriend who encourages me and keeps me from ripping my hair out even though he is just as stressed.
  • Starbucks christmas cups.
  • Making desserts.
  • Cooking.
  • Vanilla Hazelnut coffee from Einstein Bagels.
  • Riding my new bike.
  • Sleeping.
  • Focusing on the cruise i get to go on the day after finals end!

Sorry for being such a debbie downer in this post, life is just hectic right now, but that's nothing new for this time of year.

Much love.

Yay: Getting all ym classes when i registered FOR THE LAST TIME EVER!!

Dang: See above.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The case of falling down.

I found a bike! A road bike. And its lovely and pretty and fast and and lots of different fun adjectives. Its blue and silver - a Giant OCR3. I rode it today for the first time for an hour. It was a good ride definitely realized how out of shape I am in. OH and I fell down. Hard. Bit it. But that's all part of the game right? A few bumps and scratches never hurt anyone, even if they are up my arm. I felt the least girly I have felt in a while when I fell down. I like feeling girly, trust me. I'm riding again tomorrow, hopefully I won't fall down, but if I do, its ok.

Again this time of year is crazay. I should be doing something productive right now but I'm not. I could be camping w/ Patrick but i'm not. I could be out having fun but I'm not. Thank you school. (I stayed in to be productive, hasn't worked).

Well thats about it, not so exciting.

Much love.

Yay: new bike and a boy who makes me smile.
Dang: Boo finals.