Friday, November 9, 2007

The case of falling down.

I found a bike! A road bike. And its lovely and pretty and fast and and lots of different fun adjectives. Its blue and silver - a Giant OCR3. I rode it today for the first time for an hour. It was a good ride definitely realized how out of shape I am in. OH and I fell down. Hard. Bit it. But that's all part of the game right? A few bumps and scratches never hurt anyone, even if they are up my arm. I felt the least girly I have felt in a while when I fell down. I like feeling girly, trust me. I'm riding again tomorrow, hopefully I won't fall down, but if I do, its ok.

Again this time of year is crazay. I should be doing something productive right now but I'm not. I could be camping w/ Patrick but i'm not. I could be out having fun but I'm not. Thank you school. (I stayed in to be productive, hasn't worked).

Well thats about it, not so exciting.

Much love.

Yay: new bike and a boy who makes me smile.
Dang: Boo finals.

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