Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Three Years!

Yesterday was the boyfriend and I's three year anniversary! Three years. Holy cow. It's amazing to me how fast three years can fly by! In that time, we both graduated from law school, have taken three long vacays together, and are both now entering our third years as associates at law firms. But Its been a great three years. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life!

Right around the beginning!

Right around 1 Year

At about Two Years.

This was about like 2.8 years. Close enough (ignore the awkward crouch position I am in)

We celebrated by going to eat at this fancy shmancy restaurant Haven in Houston. It was delish! We are taking a romantical trip to New Orleans in December (neither of us have ever been before) to realllyyy celebrate. I'm excited about that too!

In any case, it was a great anniversary!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Month!

Today is October 14th. While just another manic..Thursday... it's also the ONE month mark till my FIRST Half Marathon! One Month from today, Nov. 14th (for those that were curious what a month is from today. duh sara) is my Half in San Antonio!

I'm nervous. of course. but I feel like I've been training well enough up until now and just need to push through these last 31 days to get there. Last Saturday I ran 12 miles. TWELVE. A half marathon is 13.1...so really just 1.1 more miles to go after that, which I think I could have pushed out of me last Saturday.

I haven't been very good at running this week. Well, in fact, I've only run once. On Tuesday. For 40 minutes. And I felt like crap. Which was a little disconcerting, but I think was just a result of still being EXHAUSTED from the 12 mile run on Saturday. The first half of this week, I literally had no energy. It just got zapped on Saturday. Which is probably why I haven't run as much as I needed to this week. But, do not dismay, I will be making sure I run 4-5 times a week from now till the race. I need to run in the mornings. Life at night is really busy right now with my moot court practices, and with Patrick moving. So I have run out of time at night to run. I'm not much of a morning person but I think for the next month I'm going to have to be. Let's hope that works.

Anyways, I have high hopes that I'll survive the Half in a Month and I cannot wait to see if I do!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A little background info for my readers -

I am a Rangers fan. A Texas Rangers fan that is. Yes, I realize I live in Houston, and should support the Astros, which I do, but my heart belongs to the Texas Rangers. See, I grew up in Arlington, Texas. Where the Rangers play. Back when I was in elementary school, my dad came home from work and informed the family that he had made an investment, an investment in fun, I think is how he put it. And that investment was season tickets to the Rangers game. From about 5th grade till about 11th grade or so, many a night between April and September of every year was spent at the Ballpark in Arlington. We weren't fair weather fans, we went to games even when the Rangers sucked. And, let's face it, they did for a while there. I remember when my dad told me in college that he had gotten rid of the season tickets. It was a heart breaking day in our family, but as the kids were slowly leaving home, there wasn't anyone to use the tickets as much anymore. Well, that last approximately one season. Becaues by the next year, my Dad had season tickets again. They couldn't stay away.

Now - I like to go to a Ranger game or two when I can when I'm up in the DFW area. Nothing is quite like watching the Rangers play with my parents, eating hot dogs, getting cotton candy sugar stuck all over your fingers, and enjoying these precious moments with my family.

Last night, all those years of support and patience were rewarded when the Rangers beat the Tampa Bay Rays and made it to the ALCS! I watched the entire series (well listened/watched) and a little tear came to my eye as the fly ball was caught in the end of the 9th inning and the Rangers won!

I cannot wait to watch the ALCS, and hopefully see the Rangers make it to the World Series for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Let's go Rangers, let's go!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I bought my first pair of Toms last week, and they arrived in the mail from the UPS guy (who...knows me by name b/c I buy all my shoes online (i have large feet) and have them delivered to my office at work...he personally brings them to me now). AND I LOVE THEM. I walked around the office showing them to everyone. And the best part, they are PURPLE cords.

My purple Toms (yes, those are my large feet, and yes I'm currently wearing them in my office)

My feet and I are happy about my Toms purchase
Oh - and I'm completely excited that a child now has a pair of shoes!

One more thing - GO RANGERS!

Just call me a wine-o.

This past weekend I travelled to Boerne/Fredericksburg with some friends of mine. We stayed in Boerne at "the compound" aka paradise for me (the boyfriend's dad's house).

Patrick was still out of town, with his dad and brother. Rather than fill my weekends doing productive things around my apartment (like decorating), I spent the two weekends he was gone out of town as well.

In any case, Alisa, Maggie and I went to Boerne and Fredericksburg.

To drink wine.

And man, did we drink a lot of wine, and eat a lot of food. Meat. We ate a lot of meat. Like sausage and chicken fried steak and roast beef. Lots of meat.

Saturday was spent travelling to different wineries around Fburg, including my fave Becker Vineyards. I greatly increased my wine collection at my abode this weekend, which was much needed. We had a tour of the Becker winery which was really interesting and given by the manager of the winery, who Maggie noted was single. I think we might lose her to Becker.

We also did a lot of shopping around Fburg. I didn't buy anything but dips from the Dip store. I know it has another name, but I incessantly referred to it as the dip store on saturday until I introduced Maggie and Alisa to all its glory, and we basically ate lunch on dips at this store. If you don't know what i'm talking about, you should go to Fburg, and check out the dip store. I think there's a sign out front that says something like "Texas Gourment Foods" or something like that. Its on Main. Go and dip. You won't be disappointed.

That night we went to a wine bar on Lincoln St. recommended by my wine-o parents. It was good. We had a malbec and some cheese. Atleast it wasn't more meat.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at the Hilltop Cafe. It was awesome. Its a "fancy" restaurant in a gas station on the side of 87, in Doss, Texas (atleast that's what my credit card bill says its located). Basically, keep driving on 87 through Fredericksburg till you see a gas station. It had a live blues singer who played guitar. I had red beans and rice, and a grit cake. It was delicious. I will now eat there anytime I'm in that part of the world. And I recommend you do the same.

I took photos of the three of us at each winery we went to. But, per usual, I have not uploaded them to my blog. Sorry bout that. I'll post them at a later date. It'll be a little surprise for my readers.

I had a great weekend. But, man was I ready for the boyfriend to get back. 10 days of being gone, 8 of which without any communication was enough for me.

Speaking of, the boyfriend returned Monday afternoon.

He closed on his house yesterday! I'm now dating a Homeowner. That makes me feel a wee bit more adult. I love the house, btw. I'll post pics of it soon!