Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is me going to compete.

I leave tomorrow to compete in a moot court competition in NY. I will post an update when I get back on how it turned out. EEK! Wish me luck!

Much love.

Yay: 4 am phone calls.
Dang: Parking at my law school sucks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

This is me running around w/ my head cut off

Crazy, life is crazy right now. Non stop if you will.

But on a lighter note - I did go to Chuck e Cheese yesterday for the first time since I was 10. That's right, me, 23 1/2 year old sara, went with my 30 year old friend. hahaha. It was awesome. We played almost every game there and collected a total of 180 tickets. haha. I have to say it was a nice break from busy law school life. Ah the days of chucky cheese - where the only thing I worried about was whether I had enough tokens to play the games, when my nap was going to be, and whether i would make it home in time to play house/school w/ my stuffed animals. How time has changed.

"Shoppers across the country were warned to throw out jars with a product code on the lid beginning with “2111,” which denotes the plant where it was made." -- MSNBC. Yes, that's right. My favorite peanut butter - Peter Pan - is being recalled. I casually saw this story, and didn't have a second thought until I decided it might be good to check my peanut butter. AND low and behold - my peanut butter jar, the one I had already eaten 3/4 of is part of the recalled salmonella batch. Awesome. Looks like I"ll be switching to JIF.

This weekend I'll be in Arlington going to the wedding of Angela Nelson. One of the original members of "CLAMS". Its going to be a mini reunion of a bunch of church friends I haven't seen in oh 6 years. Awesome. Should be a good time though.

Next week is the most important week of the semester! I'll be travelling to White Plains, NY for the Pace Environmental Law Moot Court Competition for 5 days. Can't believe its already here...

Much love

Yay - Seeing my family today.
Dang - Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Saturday, February 10, 2007

This is me being random

  • I really like watching the mavs play basketball.
  • Elaine and I are going to go on a cruise this summer to celebrate being done with our internships and two years of law school, and to prep for our post-bar Mexican beach two week vacation.
  • I really hate dropped calls, really really really really hate them, especially when its when you are on the phone with someone that you can only talk to once a week. And you can't call that person back.
  • I leave for NY in a week and a half! Woohooooo!!!
  • Catching up with two old high school friends in one week is pretty darn awesome. And after 10 years I am glad they are both still in my life!
  • I am watching Blue Crush right now as I type this. I really want to go to Hawaii some time.
  • 3 hours dentist visits are not the best.
  • Can't wait to visit my parents in a week!
  • Pretrial litigation is going to be a lot more work than I realized.
  • I miss him.
  • Paciugo has the best italian gelato, good thing there is one down the street from me.
  • Don't know how I feel about someone getting mugged in my apartment complex at the same time I came home the other night.
  • I actually enjoy spinning classes.
  • I haven't gotten sick yet this year, yes!
  • Memoirs of a Geisha is a really long movie. Pretty sure I fell asleep after an hour into it and when I woke up 45 minutes later it wasn't even close to being finished.
  • I miss him.
  • I am actually going to be productive today- work out, clean apt, work on argument, read for products liability, outline food and drug law.

And on that note... i'm off!

Much Love

Yay: Future Cruising...

Dang: Only getting to talk to Mike for 2 min., stupid cell phone.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

This is me on a rant.

Rain rain go away, come again another day. I don't know if anyone else is tired of the rain, but I am. We have two nice days and then it rains again for a week. I'm ready for some sunshine and to not be cold and wet. Take for example yesterday, I left work at 5, with no umbrella, and it was sprinkling when I left. I'm thinking I can handle a little rain. But halfway to my parking lot, it decided to pour. Yes I was soaked. My hair looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. OH well, one of these days the sun will shine again.

Traffic. Sucks. Period. On 59 S, there is this curve in the road, and apparently its pretty scary to ppl b/c everyone slows down, everyone, and you are thinking oh there is traffic or something, but after you get passed the curve, it runs smoothly. Really is there a need to slow down around the curve. You'll be ok, I promise. Also, why ppl feel the need to cut into traffic at the last possible second is beyond me. Houston even put up these nice little yellow poles to keep ppl from doing it, yet these poles are now turning black due to the number of cars that have hit them trying to cut in. Seriously.

Well now that I've successfully been negative, I'll try to add some positivity here. Three weeks till NY!! New trash valet service at my apt, here's to laziness! Saw Catch and Releease -- soooo good. Went shopping at Ann Taylor loft. Get to visit my mom/dad in two weeks! Asked to be a bridesmaid in Sarah's wedding in August! Discovered a new love for Everwood (too bad its already cancelled)! Got three fun letters in one week!

Life is mega busy right now.

Much love.

Yay: New clothes.
Dang: Rain.