Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've disappeared, part 2.

Where have I gone the last two months? Wow. Its really been that long since I last posted.

I won't attempt to catch everyone up on what I've been doing. Let's just say there were:

- two weddings mixed in there (tracy and jennifer)

- the busiest work time I've ever had (and still the busiest right now, trial in March)

- a bachelorette trip to Florida for Jennifer's wedding

- two business trips (one to Dallas, and one to NYC)

- my first ever deposition, my second ever deposition

- my first blizzard experience during my business trip to NYC

- my first time in Connecticut (for the first deposition)

- an office move to a new building

- my first time coaching the Pace moot court team, and their subsequent placing in the top 3 of 84 teams at the competition last weekend! (finals baby!)

- joining a running training program with Houston Fit to train for a half marathon, and so far sticking to it.

- my first time to run 3 1/2 miles

- visiting with Elaine and Brian when they were in Houston briefly.

- some serious Olympics watching.

- some serious Lost watching.

- some not so serious Bachelor watching (yawn).

- Book club meetings with the girls

- quality time with friends

- quality time with the boy.

- Christmas at home in Arlington.

- New Years in Boerne with Patrick's family.

- Almost losing my mom to a heart attack in December, and NEVER EVER EVER wanting to do that again or feel what I felt on Friday December 18th for 20 minutes when I didn't know if my mom was okay or if she was going to make it while i was stuck in Houston 4 hours away. (if you don't know the whole story of this, well you can ask, i'm not afraid tot alk about it.)

- My mom surviving a 95% closed vein in her heart, and being strong and persistent in her continued recovery.

- Appreciating my family even more than I already did (if that's even possible)

That about sums up my last two months. Hopefully I will post more soon once life slows down after March 16th...