Monday, November 19, 2012

What a weekend!

This weekend it finally hit me that I would probably want to remember the wedding planning process at some point in the future. I haven't been the best (at all) about blogging about it, and I've had friends tell me they would be interested to read it -- so I guess this is the best time as any to start up again.

Yesterday (Sunday) we took our engagement photos in Fort Worth! I didn't actually take any photos of them taking photos of us... but you'll have to take my word for it -- it was fun! We started at our reception venue (The Ashton Depot) in Downtown, and took lots of photographs near the building, and also by a warehouse next door. After that, we changed locales, and took photos at the old post office building in Downtown Fort Worth. That was followed by a change in scenery to Trinity Park. They took lots of photographs of us in the park, and we stumbled upon this great creek and bridge, with a curvy path. For some reason, I think bridges always looks good in photographs. There were a lot of leaves on the ground, and the trees were actually changing colors! The outfit I chose to wear was a coral top, with skinny jeans, and my riding boots. I thought it looked cute! And Patrick wore a black sweater, with a plaid purple button down underneath. I thought he looked quite handsome if I do say so myself. I thought it was a good combo -- I realize our wedding is in the summer, but it just would have felt strange to be in a spring/summery dress in the midst of falling leaves. So, we went with fall attire instead. I didn't do an outfit change, although I had brought a dress. I was just feeling really comfortable and confident in my outfit I had on, and went with it.

I really really enjoyed meeting my photographers for the first time (live and in person -- I interviewed them initially on Skype). They are a married couple, and I really liked they way they worked together. He took most of the far away shots, and she did most of the up close. They didn't make us do anything too awkward, lots of hand holding, etc, but not too bad. I did have a problem with the poses where they asked us to look at each other -- for some reason every time I did it, I would crack up laughing. Those pictures will be interesting! They said it'll take about 2 weeks to get the photos, and I cannot wait!! We are going to use one or two or several for our save the dates, and so hopefully those will go out towards the end of this year (which is crazy that its almost 2013). As of December 1 -- it'll be 6 months to our wedding!!

I really enjoyed the photograph shoot yesterday. I feel like I've just been doing lots and lots of planning the last 4 months, and this was actually a fun part where I got to realize the planning. It made me really excited for the upcoming months, and re-invigorated my wedding planning spirit (which had been lacking the last month after a whirlwind two months of initial planning). I "plan" to do a lot of "planning" over Thanksgiving break, and will hopefully have a chance to meet with my day-of coordinator!

Well... as the months progress, there should be a lot more fun things to blog about my wedding planning and festivities! Can't wait to marry P!