Saturday, December 8, 2007

I should be studying...

Well, its saturday, in the middle of finals, and I should be studying, but today isn't very conducive to that. For one, I of course needed to watch Grey's from Thursday this morning b/c there is no other time in the future when I could have done that, 2. i needed to sleep till 10 of course, I need sleep to study effectively 3. I needed a new dress for Patrick's firms Holiday Party tonight at this fancy restaurant, and well the dresses in my closet just weren't cutting it, so I of course needed to go to Francesca's and get a new dress, and while there try on about 10 other things and look at earrings for an hour, 4. I of course needed to update my blog like I said I wouldn't, 5. need to go Lights in the Heights w/ Patrick to visit his friends at their open house and 6. I definitely need to go eat a nice free dinner and drink good vino at Patrick's soon to be firm holiday party (soon to be b/c he signed but doesn't start till Sept, so proud!). Did I mention I still have three finals, one of which I just started studying for today, but its not till next Saturday. Which brings me to my next point, one week from this very moment I will be NOT studying and will be a semester away from finishing law school. Boo yah! (that's right boo yah).

Other than that I have really mostly just been studying. I still have Criminal Procedure on Tues, Family law on thurs, and Business torts (which i am supposed to be studying for right now) on Sat. and then I am finito! I'm ready to enjoy Christmas and the holidays and go shopping and sleep in (wait I already do that anyways) and spend time w/ my boyfriend and friends and family w/o finals looming over my head. Almost there.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

Much love.

Yay: New dress!
Dang: finals. duh.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is me yet again in the midst of finals.

Its that time of year again... the looming finals. I have four this semester. One a week from Thursday, one on tuesday the 11th, another on thursday the 13th, and last one on saturday the 15th. AND there are many things that make getting through the next three weeks alive -

Christmas w/ my family!

Week long cruise w/ my boyfriend and his family :)

Only one semester of law school left ever.



No studying.

Hanging out w/o finals looming over my head.

Thanksgiving break was great. I didn't study, which may or may not be a good thing, I'll let you know when I get my grades. Ate lots of good food, hung out w/ my family, and introduced Patrick to the familia as well. It was fun having him see where I grew up and hang out w/ my family. I also got to see the lovely Elaine on Friday night.

About to go see Beowulf in 3D. I think i'm more excited about getting to wear the cool 3D glasses than the movie. Yea b/c they are that awesome wish I could wear them everyday. no really.

This might be the last post for a while.

Much love.

Yay: Life after finals.

Dang: Finals.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little sample of the crazy-ness that is my life right now.

Here's a little run down of everything I have on my plate right now:

  • Helping host the National Moot Court Regional Competition Thurs. - Sat.
  • Brief due for Pace Competition on Dec. 3rd -- i have one issue written, need to edit, then write my second, then edit, then put together. awesome. Conveniently due 3 days before my first final. love it.
  • BIG trial on Saturday. I am in a trial advocacy class, and for our final we have to do a trial, from voir dire to closing to motions in limine, the whole she bang. I'm pretty excited about this one, not to mention nervous, better get my arguing shoes on.
  • OH and did I mention i have four finals this semester, b/c I do. And those start in 4 weeks. I don't even have time to think about them at this point. Sweet.

Deep breaths.

But there are some good things right now that are keeping me from going insane, such as:

  • Getting to go home on Tuesday and hang out w/ my family and friends for Thanksgiving break. (no worries I will be doing some studying too).
  • Getting to eat my favorite meal of the year, gorge myself if you will.
  • My boyfriend who encourages me and keeps me from ripping my hair out even though he is just as stressed.
  • Starbucks christmas cups.
  • Making desserts.
  • Cooking.
  • Vanilla Hazelnut coffee from Einstein Bagels.
  • Riding my new bike.
  • Sleeping.
  • Focusing on the cruise i get to go on the day after finals end!

Sorry for being such a debbie downer in this post, life is just hectic right now, but that's nothing new for this time of year.

Much love.

Yay: Getting all ym classes when i registered FOR THE LAST TIME EVER!!

Dang: See above.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The case of falling down.

I found a bike! A road bike. And its lovely and pretty and fast and and lots of different fun adjectives. Its blue and silver - a Giant OCR3. I rode it today for the first time for an hour. It was a good ride definitely realized how out of shape I am in. OH and I fell down. Hard. Bit it. But that's all part of the game right? A few bumps and scratches never hurt anyone, even if they are up my arm. I felt the least girly I have felt in a while when I fell down. I like feeling girly, trust me. I'm riding again tomorrow, hopefully I won't fall down, but if I do, its ok.

Again this time of year is crazay. I should be doing something productive right now but I'm not. I could be camping w/ Patrick but i'm not. I could be out having fun but I'm not. Thank you school. (I stayed in to be productive, hasn't worked).

Well thats about it, not so exciting.

Much love.

Yay: new bike and a boy who makes me smile.
Dang: Boo finals.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I think i'll go back to wearing pig tails more often.

This weekend was great! The Maroon 5 concert rocked my socks off (or shoes rather - yes i took them off half way through the show and stood in my socked feet, hey, 3 inch heels hurt after a while). Adam Levine is really hot and does a great show. They did a good mix of old and new stuff which was fun. Sweetest Goodbye, Sunday Morning, and the finale of She Will Be Loved were my favorites. He even did a rendition of Phil Collins Dead of Night "I can feel it coming in the dead of night, oh Lord ..."

The Law Halloween party was the best yet! The night was a blast. It was fun seeing everyone in costumes and also not recognizing people who were in costumes. I love halloween, and it hasn't even come yet. I need to see a scary movie or something on the 31st.

Boyfriend returned!! And brought me lovely souveniers - two magnets (for my magnet obsession) and a really cute shirt from Durango. I am blessed w/ an amazing guy :) I'm glad he's back. I have to say, I do enjoy the non long distance relationship that I finally get to have. It sure is nice being able to see them everyday if I want and actually do normal every day things with. Not to mention I have three classes with him in a row on T/Th, that helps too :).

Now it is no fun school time. I am sitting at my desk right now studying ethics for my ethics bar test on Saturday (that Lainey and Tara get to endure as well). I am on page 43 of the outline, there are oh about 150 pages. Sweet. SO of course why not waste more time and post? I also have to read through a bunch of research for my competition. AND prepare for a practice Voir Dire tonight. OH BOY! Hopefully I will survive this week. And i was planning on going to Baylor HCing, but now i'm not sure its going to be a reality, for once school is taking over my life and I really can't justify it. Boo. Boo. Boo.

Alright, back to studying why L's owe a duty of confidentiality to C's ....

Much love.

Yay: Cool weather, got to wear my new jacket!

Dang: Studying and not being able to enjoy the nice weather.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Shaking will cause explosion

Note to self - when sitting in library at school, do not shake the Arizona Green Tea can EVER. It will explode, all over you and the table and the guy sitting next you will laugh and make a nice comment of "probably shouldn't have done that".

This weekend is going to be great. I can feel it.

Tonight -- Maroon 5 at the Toyota Center w/ Alisa, and a little Calif Pizza Kitchen beforehand. I told Patrick Alisa and I's goal was to get backstage and some alone time w/ Adam Levine. I have to make good on my promise to him.

Tomorrow night -- Halloween Party w/ the law school ppl. Its my last one, and this year the majority of my friends from school are attending. Cannot wait. I have a fun costume -- blueberry muffin from Strawberrry Shortcake - which involves some green and white thigh highs which I think make my legs look weird, but others swear they are cool - and a really fun bonnet (and by fun I mean dorky, which i'm still debating on wearing). OH and my boyfriend will finalllyyyy be back in Houston after hunting in CO all week. About darn time i say.

Intermingled in all this fun is of course studying for the MPRE and researching for Pace and working on trial ad stuff. Its about that time of the year when i start to freak out about school and go into hermit mode. I apologize beforehand for any absurd study habits I might display in the coming days.

Well I guess in accordance w/ that, I should probably get to work since I did come all the way to the library on a friday to do some research that I have yet to do since I got here 30 minutes ago -- on it.

Much love.

Yay: Fun weekend.
Dang: Schoolness.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is me with an update.

  • Played in a softball tournie for 12+ hours yesterday on the "3L Slackers" team. It was a lot of fun and we ended up making it to the semis and getting third.
  • Because of that tournament every inch of my body is sore today. Boo. I could use a bath. Too bad I don't have a big tub.
  • Sat through a really fun 4 hour ethics review course ---
  • To take the MPRE (multi-state professional responsibility exam) on Nov. 3. In order to get licensed, you have to pass the ethic test. Ironic.
  • I am going to Baylor HCing on Nov 3 after my test! Yay so excited, miss me some Baylor.
  • Still working on my competition. Need to start researching now. Instead of watching tv. oh well.
  • I went and got myself a boyfriend, his name is Patrick, and he is great :).
  • Can't believe Christmas is almost two months away.
  • Going on a CRUISE for a week in the Caribbean the week after finals, soooo excited, yay!
  • Think I found a bike I like.
  • Wish Patrick would get back from Durango now. Thanks.
  • Realized how much I like not being in a long distance relationship. Its nice having someone around all the time.
  • Should probably get back to work, orr watch Extreme Makeover, ok i'll do that then get to work.

Much Love!

Yay: "Hill country flowers" and dessert and a guy that makes me smile.

Dang: Soreness and busy-ness, boo.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is me after a great weekend.

This weekend was by far one of the best I have had in a while. A group of us when to Boerne, TX (which if you haven't been before is a beatiful place in the hill country) and stayed at Patrick's parents house. They live on a ranch in the hills. They have the BEST backyard I think i have ever seen. Not to mention the most amazingly beautiful view and pool and patio area. They have an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, hot tub, and pool. I was completely in awe the whole weekend. We got there on Thursday night and then went to Floore's Country Store in another small town TX and saw Willie Nelson live.

It was my first Willie Nelson show and I have to say it was so much fun. He played apparently a really long set according to the others who came with who had seen him before. Afterwards we went back to Patrick's and had some yummy chips and queso. Friday was spent laying by the pool and drinking homemade margaritas, which were especially tasty.

Jennifer and I decided to act like 5 year olds and actually play in the pool. As in we dove, we danced (as in ballet/synchronized variety), we did handstand contests. While the boys played a fun game of "take it" where they threw a wet nerf football at each other and if one of them said take it, the other had to well take it. As in get hit by the ball. That night we had a bbq and then headed to a local bar. By about 10 we were all tired and headed back to sleep but only ended up staying up late once again. Saturday Patrick and I went to Fredricksburg for a few hours. I really wanted to go b/c i heard how cute a town it was and Patrick obliged. I had a great time there. We walked around, I bought some bath stuff that I made myself from Bath Junkie. Then we headed back to the house. We came back to Houston today, and i have to say I am exhausted. I didn't want the weekend to end and it has been a while since i've felt that way! Definitely will have to make a trip back there and hopefully soon!!

Too bad reality is back upon me. I was enjoying my little jaunt away from the busy-ness of life.

Much love.

Yay: Smiling/laughing/ and altogether being happy :)

Dang: School work. And no more cool hill country weather.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This is me standing up for myself.

In accordance with the top 10 things theme running through my friends blogs right now, I'd thought i'd do my own.

Top 10 Things I did for myself today (if you know me you know this isn't a normal focus)

  1. Signed up for the MS150 in April! My mom was diagnosed with MS about 15 years ago. It is a disease that effects my family physicall and emotionally. I look forward to the ability to ride in her honor. It's a 150 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin. Doing it with a bunch of law school friends. Cannot wait!
  2. Committed myself to an actual physical goal. Definitely need to train for this thing.
  3. Stood up for myself by finally telling someone exactly how crappy they made me feel. (something i also need to do more often).
  4. Let myself dress comfortably and didn't care one ounce.
  5. Slept an extra hour. It was great.
  6. Stopped worrying so much about what other people thought.
  7. Paid attention in class for once. Yes this was something I did for myself b/c it will help in finals.

Ok so maybe only 7 things I did for myself. But hey that's good! I hope everything is going well for everyone. Still waiting to hear about my moot court team. I gave my moot court board director a hard time today at out board meeting. It's driving me crazy and the problem is already out. I want to win it all this year (yes a play on words from sing) and I need to get crack a lackin on that problem. ALright time for Crim Pro.

Much Love.

Yay: Signing up for MS150

Dang: Jaw problems.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This is me better.

Ok, that last post was really depressing. And since I am doing better and attempting to look up, I thought I would count my blessings:

  • my amazing and wonderful family. I have two of the best sisters in the entire world. Not to mention my parents could not be any better.
  • I have some of the best friends. They are encouraging, supportive, funny, witty, intelligent, and just overall wonderful. I could not ask for better friends, really.
  • The ability to attend law school. It has been a challenge but will be worth it in the end.

There is just a little sampling. Life is going ok. It's Saturday morning and I am watching The Office Season 2. I love it. I really want Pam and Jim to be together. Can I have a Jim in my life please? Tonight I'm going to dinner for Naz's birthday at Azuma. And I love Azuma and Naz is one of those friends mentioned above. School is really busy, or it's getting busy. In two weeks I have a bench trial (first one ever) for Trial Advocacy and the same day I have try outs for Moot Court team (yay PACE!). Of course there is the ever present reading and studying. As well as the job hunt 07 (that hasn't really started, which is why its on the to-do list). That's about all that is going on at this moment.

Much love.

Yay: 4 am conversations.

Dang: busy-ness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is me upset and confused.

Don't laugh --- i have been listening to Mandy Moore's new cd Wild Hope lately and it's actually really good. Some of the songs hit exactly what I am feeling right now. So i'm going to post them (note - I normally do not go this indepth on my blog, but i'm pretty angered and hurt at this point so i don't really care).

First song--

Well, I put so much thought into getting ready
Now I know that was the best part
It’s so easy to get caught up in what I’m regretting
Forget what I got from a wounded heart

CHORUSI’m the one who likes Gardenia
I’m the one who likes to make love on the floor
I don’t want to hang up the phone yet
It’s been goodGetting to know me more

I’ve been seeing all my old friends in the city
Walking alone in Central Park
Doing all the things that I’ve neglected
Traded ‘em all in
To be in your arms

CHORUSWell, I hear my own voice
Sounds so silly
Keep on telling my story all around
Everything I lost seems so different
Well, this is how everybody gets found

Second song --

Somebody told me, they saw you somewhere
Somebody hold me, cause suddenly I'm a little, cold
Well I must be mistaken, you for somebody else
I know you all to well, or do I?

Chorus:I heard you say
We were one and the same
Well wrong again
I could never do those things you did to me
I will be ok
In time you'll fade
Into the nothing that you are
The nothing you are

VS2Somebody sold me, yeah the same old story
yea yeah, yea yeah
Hadn't you told me, you were there the whole time
yeah, yea yeah
Well I must be mistaken, you for somebody else
I hope you burn in hell, or do I?

VS.2I know your mistakes will hunt you down, eventually
You'll know that when you hit the ground
Your weakness did you in, and delt me out
It's ok, I have the truth on my side
I heard you say
We were one and the same
We'll wrong again
I could never do those things, you , did, to me
I will be ok
In time you'll fade
Into nothing that you are
The nothing you are x4

And because of all this the following song is pretty on key too (not to anyone per se at this point in my life) --

I’m not ready to confront
I’d rather cement my words this way
This could be the easy road out
But I’m just not all that happy
So I’m writing all this down
And I’ll file it in a drawer someday
In lieu of a conversation
We’d probably forget to have anyway

CHORUS I won’t hold anything back
And I won’t hold anything in
Feel like I know where this is going
And I might know how it ends
But I’m stillWilling to begin

You should know my story by now
And why I’m optimistic cautiously
I understand it’s not your fault
But I’m not takin’ anything back
You still end up with Most of me

CHORUS I expect you to fly from NY to LA
And land on my doorstep
And smile at me and say
It was worth it to see most of me
Do you love most of me?
You’re just crossing paths
With the way he left me
I’m not sayin’ a word
But I’m watching you quietly
You’re gonna have to prove me wrong
Before I know this is right
We don’t have to decide tonight
Just wait for me patiently --- And you’ll get all of me

I know God had a purpose for everything. Just at this point i'm not so sure what it may be. I know i deserve to be happy but things get in the way.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is me excited.

Me, Maroon 5, Oct 26, get excited b/c I am!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is me starting my last year of law school.

Well I officially began my last year of school ever. It's a really strange feeling and it hasn't really set in yet i have to say. Its hard getting into the swing of things though. I really enjoyed waking up at 10/11 for the last month so 7 am is a little hard. I also have 4 classes each Tues/Thurs, which after last Tues I realized is a little harder than I thought it would. I am def bringing snacks to school now to get through the day. It is fun to be at school w/ all my friends again though.

Ever since doing the last blog about weird habits I've been picking up on some other stuff... like for example - Whenever I eat anything that involves a tortilla (burritos, tacos, quesadillas), i get tired of the insides about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through and dump it out and just eat the tortilla. I thought this was completely normal up until this past week, well last two days when people have been pointing out that maybe it isn't quite so normal. Here's another one - I like to read my old planners. I save them and have them in order on my bookshelf and take them down and like to flip through them. Sometimes I like to go to the exact day and see what I was doing last year, even four years ago. I know i'm weird. But I like it.

I guess that's all I have. School has begun, which means posts might be more frequent b/c i'm on my computer more during the day (well atleast Tues/Thurs).

Much love.

Yay: Sonic drinks.
Dang: how freakin hot it is.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

This is me following Elaine.

The Rules:
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog (about their 8 things) and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My 8 Random Facts:

1. I, unlike Elaine, have no problem not unpacking. In fact I've been back in Houston for a week from Illinois and my suit case is still not unpacked. Hm.. maybe I should do that today.

2. No matter what time I wake up during the day, unless it uber late, I will always eat breakfast first and lunch second, even if its only an hour later that I eat lunch.

3. I talk to my fish.

4. I actually enjoy buying school supplies.

5. I collect magnents from all over the US, anytime I travel I buy a magnent, most of the time from the airport.

6. I have a bowl full of candy from the past year that I don't eat. It jus sits there and I let my guests eat it, which they do.

7. I get ready for bed in the same way every night, and in the same order.

8. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone misspells you're and use "your", seriously.

Tag you're it: Jen, Tara

Much love.

Yay: Second dates :)
Dang: Reading today. boo.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is me about to start school.

I guess I will update too...

  • There is a really gross sour skittles commercial on tv right now w/ an old man being "milked" if you will. Whoever thought this was creative was very wrong.
  • I am now broke after buying all my books for class/supplements/and getting 4 pairs of shoes fixed (apparently you are supposed to do this).
  • I made a YUMMY home-cooked meal all by myself the other night - Turkey, tomatillo, and bean burrito. It was amazing. YUM.
  • It's really good to be back in Houston for good.
  • Got to be a bridesmaid in Sarah and Michael's wedding in Illinois
  • Went to Illinois for the first time in my life this past weekend AND stayed in a log cabin.
  • School starts in 4 days, boo.
  • I sliced my finger open while cutting red bell peppers.
  • First blind date ever in my life tomorrow night.
  • Phredd is alive and well.

Much love.

Yay: being back in houston and seeing all my friends.

Dang: no more money :(

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is a quick update.

Well it was brought to my attention that I hadn't updated in about 2 months. Which you are right. But life has been a whirlwind. I have managed to fill my summer with lots of busy-ness and thus far it has been a roller coaster. Here's a little glimpse...

Internship at Brackett and Ellis in downtown ftw. Loved it. I was challenged, encouraged, and reaffirmed that this is the track my life is leading me down (law that is). I enjoyed the firm a lot and all the people I met. I became incredibly close to the other interns and would like to consider them my 6 week clerkship family. It was actually refreshing to be up in FTW for the first time in a while. There was a certain level of familiarity with everything that helped in my confidence while up there. I also enjoyed living at home. Now this won't happen again, but for the 7 weeks that I was there it was fine.

Lauren and Dave's wedding. It was wonderful, beautiful, incredible, and awesome. I had a great time being MOH and am blessed with such a great best friend as Lauren.

Lubbock to visit Liz for a week. It was a lot of fun i have to say. I came to realize there is really not a lot to do in Lubbock. But Liz and I mananged to fill it with fun. I am blessed to have such a great little sister who is beocming a lovely young woman (corny I know).

Now i'm in the H for a whole week. The first week I've spent here at my apt since i left in the middle of May for FTW. So far I managed to fill my weekend with lots of fun and am excited for this next week of catching up with friends I haven't seen in two months and those that I have! Crazy how fast this summer is flying by. Only one more month till I start my last year of school EVER. Phredd is doing well I have to report. He is a great fish who manages to be able to go days without food.

Well since I probably wont' update for a while again, here's a brief synapsis of what I have coming up -- Oregon Coast for a week w/ the family (first real vacation in a lonnnggg time!), Illinois for 4 days for my wonderful Baylor roomie Sarah's wedding to Michael, and then a week off, and then my last first tday of school!!

(sorry for the superificiality of this post... if you have kept in touch w/ me this summer, then you konw the real indepth stuff)

Until I decide to post again,

Much love.

Kudos: Amazing family and friends and support and encouragement.

Dang: Ppl who backup into pretty grey Xterras.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jump start into life.

I'm sitting here, in my parents house, the house I spent all four of my high school years in. Yet now I am 24, have been out of my parents house officially for 2 years and unofficially for 6. But still for some reason when I am here I still feel like I am in high school. Not in a omg why do I feel like I'm in hs. But in a nice, relaxing, I could get used to this again sort of way. I'm not going to argue w/ my mom when she wants to do my laundry or iron my shirts. And its something new to have my dad come down and make sure I'm awake at 6 am for work. (something he did all throughout highschool and well every year of my life prior to college). Its a nice break from the independent Sara lifestyle I have established. Don't get me wrong, I love that lifestyle, and I will be pressing play on that part of my life once this 6 weeks segue is over. But for right now, I enjoy coming home at 6 pm and having a meal already on the table for me. And its fun getting to spend time w/ my parents as a (gasp) adult. As my dad said last night, i am staying at the Banks B & B.

I started my job at "the firm" as I will refer to it. I have a desk in an office on the second floor that looks out onto an old abandoned building, and I love it. This is my first law firm gig in my life and considering I am a 3L in law school, I know that's a bit hard to comprehend. The last week and a half have been eye opening and challenging and reaffirming. Let's just say I realized I could write a paper, that in law school took me 3 weeks to write, in 7 hours. And I am also appreciating the firms willingness to woo myself and the 4 other clerks with fancy lunches, happy hours, and dinners. I completely plan on demonstrating my steller bowling skills (thank you Baylor U and a $1000 bowling lesson) at our firm bowling party in three weeks.

Other than that things are peachy. I, like Elaine, have caught the shopping bug and I am having to restrain myself. And I get to see Mike in less than a week...yes one week...less than 7 days...if you know me well enough you don't even have ot ask if I am excited. Let's just say, its been 7 months.

Well guess I will wrap this saga up.

Much love.

Kudos: Paychecks and getting to see Mike so soon.
Dang: 6:20am.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is me relaxing.

I guess I should do a little update now that finals are over. Thank goodness. So here ya go
  • Turned 24.
  • Took 3 finals.
  • Confronted my really loud neighbors at 4:30 in the morning, in my pjs.
  • Experienced the wost back pain in my life, in the middle of finals, yea that was really fun.
  • Cleaned my apt finally.
  • Became a 3L, as in a third year law student, as in this time next year I will be graduated from Law school, an attorney, a lawyer. About to take bar classes, then about to take the Bar, that's right that test deserves a capital B.
  • I move to Fort Worth for 6 weeks in 4 days.
  • I start my job a week from today, doing lawyerly things.
  • I get to see Mike in less than a month!!!!!!!!!!!

That's about all the updates I have. I know it was general but that's all I am in the mood for. I'm just enjoying having free time and getting to be able to run errands, sleep, hang out w/ friends, and enjoy my week off.

Much Love

Yay: No more school, no more finals, getting to see Mike in no time :)

Dang: um there really aren't any right now. i guess.... cleaning out my closet.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This is me stressed.

One word - Finals.

May 3rd, 4th, and 9th.

May 9th at 10 pm I will be free.

Much love.

Yay - Birthday in a week :) Yay Cinco de Sara!

Dang - 264 closed book question exams.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is me realizing i'm old.

Do you ever have a moment when you realize that maybe you are getting older? Well, take for example this conundrum (sp?). Some times I have these moments where I see someone who is vaguely familiar to me. I stare at them at them a little longer, and realize that yes in fact I do know this person. But here's the tricky part, suddenly I can't remember which portion of my life I know them from. Did I go to HS with them at good ole Martin High? Or maybe met them at Memorial Cafeteria? Or do I merely know their face b/c I see them in the halls of UH HS (otherwise known as my law school)? SO i sit and catalog in my head why i know this face until I come to some sort of conclusion of where they have fallen in my 23, almost 24 years of life. I only bring this up because as I sit here in the red room study area, a guy keeps passing by that I know I know, but I haven't yet determined which are of my life... Which only makes me wonder if he is thinking the same thing?

Much love.

Kudos: JULY!

Dang: Finals. Yes, this will continue to be a dang till May 9th.

Friday, April 13, 2007

This is me confused.

Dear Mr. Dumbass who Keyed my car,

Thank you so much for leaving me a nice surprise yesterday morning. It is good to be reminded every now and then of the quality of human beings in this world. I was starting to think that everyone was nice and friendly. But alas you helped me realize that no, there are truly people in this world that will take their key and leave a nice car length long scratch on someones 2005 xterra. Was it the BU emblem that pissed you off? The Law student license plate cover? Or maybe the color grey of my car? Whatever it was iI'm so very excited now to spend $100 to get rid of the nice scratch you left as a present for me on my car.



Ok had to get that off of my chest. Blah. Other than that, things are looking up. I had a fantabulous time in the Burg w/ Elaine and Brian! Didn't want to leave at all. We were the perfect symbol of tourists! Now I have to start studiyng for finals. Which will be over in three weeks! Mike is coming back to the US for two weeks in July! UM.. yea. my bday is in three weeks too. Don't froget :) haha.

Much love.

Kudos: Two phone calls this week already!
Dang: Finals.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This is me with a headache.

I hate drama. Yet drama always seems to find me. I can't handle it right now. School takes up too much of my brain. That's all I am going to say about that.

The lady who took my blood last week bruised me and all my friends who she took blood from. Hm...

I'm going to Williamsburg this weekend to visit Elaine.

Friends. Good friends. I like good friends. Good friends who don't call me selfish.

I get to see my family on Thursday and Friday :) YAY!

I put my two week notice in today at work. No more secretarial work for me. Halleujah. (sp?)

My birthday is a month from tomorrow, take note, and write it down.

I still have a crush on an army boy.

I think my overall tolerance for people is decreasing, not sure why.

April and May are my favorite months and i'm pretty sure I will like them even more when I am no longer a student *one year away btw.

I still don't have a trash can to put trash out in.

My apt complex is going to get yelled at by me tomorrow afternoon. Be scared.

I like new shoes, but they always seem to hurt my feet.

Rangers and 'Stros are both sucking it up so far, come on guys.

My spinning instructor kicked my butt last night. And yelled at the girl who decided to talk on her cell phone in the middle of class. Quality.

The guy in front of me in class likes to play online computer games.

I think staring at a computer all day is giving me an incessant headache.

I am wearing bright pink nailpolish. And i like it.

I have seriously tried to make an effort to get up on time every morning but for some reason I just end up waking up at 8 am anyways. (I set my alarm clock for 7:16 am).

That's about all my ramblings for today.

Much love.

Kudos: Fam and fun visits.
Dang: headaches and drama- somehow related I think.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This is me with one less trash can.

My apartment complex started this new valet trash service, that I will eventually have to end up paying an extra $20 a month for. So they provided us with these black trashcans to put our trash bags in and then we are to set out the black trash can outside our door at night and the little trash fairies come and pick up our trash. WELL apparently what they didn't tell you is that occasionally they will STEAL, yes STEAL your trash can. I went to for my trash can tonight and apparently its gone. I don't know if they are punishing me for failing to bring it inside this morning or what. But really if they are eventually going to make me pay for this service, they shouldn't steal the trash can I have been told to use because i made ONE mistake of leaving it out. Seriously. This is dumb. Now i have to go all the way to the office and ask for my trash can back. Hello are we in 3rd grade again?

Monday, March 26, 2007

This is me with some updates on my life.

Not much to say right now. Just thought Id give a general update of my life:
  • 44 days till the semester is over.
  • 2 months till I start my job in FTW for 6 weeks.
  • 1 1/2 month till my 24th birthday.
  • Seems like the majority of my friends were born within a 2 week time span of each other in March.
  • Lauren Coombs is engaged!!! (not really update about my life, but she's been my best friend since 10th grade so might as well add it to my update...)
  • 3 weeks left at my job at the DA.
  • I love shoes.
  • I love dresses.
  • I'm learning how to cook more. Its fun. maybe you'll get a chance to sample my amazing cooking, maybe.
  • Trying to find motivation to get through the last part of the semester. TO DO - outlines, study, outline, study, outline, study, repeat.
  • I have my first ever hearing (motion to compel evidence) in front of a real judge this Friday, eek!
  • 80s Prom this weekend, way excited to wear my pink capris tights. Hot.
  • I have the best sisters!
  • 2 weeks till i visit Elaine in the 'burg.

That's about it. Need more info, just ask :)

Much Love

Yay: Really fun birthday party w/ the law friends last saturday night!!

Dang: school.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This is me reminded of why i hate statistics.

Here I am, a second year law student. Fully in the grasp of only having to read and analyze reading. In essence, what I mean is that one of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoy law school (ok that might be an exaggeration), is that law does not equal math. That means that while in law school and while i practice law in the future, I will never have to do math. I hate math. Hate it. With the more hatred than I have for anything in this whole world. Ok ok so not all math is bad. I can handle adding, subtracting, multiplication, and an occasional long division. But anything more than that, might as well have stuck me in my own personal hell. Such that on my final for business organizations, I skipped the math problem b/c it was only worth 2 pionts and didn't feel like spending the majority of my test time remembering how to do fractions. So here I sit (and am currently sitting) in Products Liability. And what pray tell are we talking about and is my professor writing all over the board? MATH. Not any kind of math, Statistics. That's right my friends. Its making me flash back to psych stats back in my sophomore year of college. Where not even my TA could speak english, literally and my prof was like 100 years old. Why oh why oh why must law involve statistics. Apparently this stuff is important too, to this course at least, in determining causation in relation to mass tort cases. Now my question to you is, when I am an attorney, can't I just hire someone to do this kind of crap for me? Yes I think so. So commence tuning out...

Friday, March 9, 2007

This is me excited that its finally spring break.

I too have nothing major going on right now. I'm in a middle of the semester slump so I am glad next week is spring break so i have a chance to rejuvenate. Not doing anything exciting. Hanging out, sleeping in, catching up on law school stuff, and going to visit my family in Arlington for a little while. Hopefully see some friends. For your entertainment here are some updates on my life from this week:

  • Tara and I got hit on by three middle aged men last night at Brian O'Neils, we realized that sometimes we just need to be mean, especially when they surrounded us.
  • Eating and then working out doesn't work well together.
  • Going to Rodeo again tonight to see Pat Green for the 4th time in my life!
  • I had McDonald's breakfast this morning b/c I had a craving, dont't judge.
  • Baylor won their first Big 12 Tournie game since 01 (maybe that's because it has been that long since they've played in the tournie... i know not an update on my life but its relevant).
  • I actually enjoyed the movie John Tucker Must Die.
  • This week has been filled with beautiful days. Good thing I have spent most of them indoors.
  • I'll be 24 in two months!
  • My hate for needles was drastically increased this week.

Well that's about it. Thrilling I realize. But you still love me :)

Much Love

Yay: SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!

Dang: lack of motivation generally.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

This is me as a quarterfinalist.

Well I have been back from NY now 4 days, so I figured I would update this thing. Here's a little rundown of my competition experience:
  • Made it to the quarterfinals!! Top 27 out of 70+ teams.
  • I was the first arguer of the entire competition in my round. And the minute I opened my mouth I had questions thrown at me.
  • Apparently when I get really nervous I start to act strange, so the combination of my 3 cups of coffee plus nerves made Sara really funny the first day of competition. Trey and David thought it was humorous.
  • Met a lot of other law schoolers from Chicago, Vermont, Utah, and Virginia. They were all really fun.
  • Ate a lot of really great food and drank some really great wine. Pretty awesome.
  • White Plains is really cold in Feb.
  • Judges should learn to keep their legs crossed, especially when its a woman in her 60s with a skirt suit on.
  • Hotels that charge $20 for a breakfast buffet are not cool.
  • Having my own hotel room is cool.
  • Mini-bars are cool too.
  • I am still in love with NYC.
  • While in NYC we got to see the MoMA- which mean I got to see some of my favorites such as Monet!! THen we had a tour of NBC studios where we caught part of the SNL cast rehearsing AND I got to see Dwight from the office live and in person.
  • I learned a few things from going to NYC -- wear comfortable shoes, beanies are a great investment, Johns Pizzaria is yummy and in an old church in the theater district, the next time I go to NYC i will see a show or four, I also learned how to navigate through Grand Central Station.
  • My hair looked much better in NY without the humidity.
  • My feet were mad at me after making them wear heals for 5 days.
  • I hate hose. Period. Whoever invented these things was dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.
  • How to properly pronounce Filet Mignon. (i know how to say worries).
  • The cabs in White Plains are really kinda of trashy.

Other than NY- here is an update on the rest of my life:

  • I need to play catch up with school work like whoa.
  • Going to see Clay Walker and Pat Green within the next week!
  • Get to go to the Oregon coast for a week this summer w/ my family. Pretty awesome.
  • Most likely going on a cruise with Elaine this summer too.
  • Get to judge little 1Ls in their moot court rounds this Friday. Yes finally on the other side of the table. Prolly a bad thing I don't really understand the problem. Yea i'll need to work on that.
  • Completely understand Jen when she said that its hard to keep a small apt clean. I totally agree.
  • I really really like Jane Austen, I'm reading Pride and Prejudice now, and Sense and Sensibility next.
  • I'm sitting in class right now and have no idea what my prof is saying. What can I say, i'm a good law student.
  • Might lose my office at work, bummer.
  • My prof is wearing a complete denim outfit right now.
  • I never quite realized how much I enjoy wearing flip flops. Ahhhhh.
  • Timing sucks. Period.

Much Love

Yay: Clay Walker

Dang: Mike not coming back for a while. :(

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is me going to compete.

I leave tomorrow to compete in a moot court competition in NY. I will post an update when I get back on how it turned out. EEK! Wish me luck!

Much love.

Yay: 4 am phone calls.
Dang: Parking at my law school sucks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

This is me running around w/ my head cut off

Crazy, life is crazy right now. Non stop if you will.

But on a lighter note - I did go to Chuck e Cheese yesterday for the first time since I was 10. That's right, me, 23 1/2 year old sara, went with my 30 year old friend. hahaha. It was awesome. We played almost every game there and collected a total of 180 tickets. haha. I have to say it was a nice break from busy law school life. Ah the days of chucky cheese - where the only thing I worried about was whether I had enough tokens to play the games, when my nap was going to be, and whether i would make it home in time to play house/school w/ my stuffed animals. How time has changed.

"Shoppers across the country were warned to throw out jars with a product code on the lid beginning with “2111,” which denotes the plant where it was made." -- MSNBC. Yes, that's right. My favorite peanut butter - Peter Pan - is being recalled. I casually saw this story, and didn't have a second thought until I decided it might be good to check my peanut butter. AND low and behold - my peanut butter jar, the one I had already eaten 3/4 of is part of the recalled salmonella batch. Awesome. Looks like I"ll be switching to JIF.

This weekend I'll be in Arlington going to the wedding of Angela Nelson. One of the original members of "CLAMS". Its going to be a mini reunion of a bunch of church friends I haven't seen in oh 6 years. Awesome. Should be a good time though.

Next week is the most important week of the semester! I'll be travelling to White Plains, NY for the Pace Environmental Law Moot Court Competition for 5 days. Can't believe its already here...

Much love

Yay - Seeing my family today.
Dang - Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Saturday, February 10, 2007

This is me being random

  • I really like watching the mavs play basketball.
  • Elaine and I are going to go on a cruise this summer to celebrate being done with our internships and two years of law school, and to prep for our post-bar Mexican beach two week vacation.
  • I really hate dropped calls, really really really really hate them, especially when its when you are on the phone with someone that you can only talk to once a week. And you can't call that person back.
  • I leave for NY in a week and a half! Woohooooo!!!
  • Catching up with two old high school friends in one week is pretty darn awesome. And after 10 years I am glad they are both still in my life!
  • I am watching Blue Crush right now as I type this. I really want to go to Hawaii some time.
  • 3 hours dentist visits are not the best.
  • Can't wait to visit my parents in a week!
  • Pretrial litigation is going to be a lot more work than I realized.
  • I miss him.
  • Paciugo has the best italian gelato, good thing there is one down the street from me.
  • Don't know how I feel about someone getting mugged in my apartment complex at the same time I came home the other night.
  • I actually enjoy spinning classes.
  • I haven't gotten sick yet this year, yes!
  • Memoirs of a Geisha is a really long movie. Pretty sure I fell asleep after an hour into it and when I woke up 45 minutes later it wasn't even close to being finished.
  • I miss him.
  • I am actually going to be productive today- work out, clean apt, work on argument, read for products liability, outline food and drug law.

And on that note... i'm off!

Much Love

Yay: Future Cruising...

Dang: Only getting to talk to Mike for 2 min., stupid cell phone.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

This is me on a rant.

Rain rain go away, come again another day. I don't know if anyone else is tired of the rain, but I am. We have two nice days and then it rains again for a week. I'm ready for some sunshine and to not be cold and wet. Take for example yesterday, I left work at 5, with no umbrella, and it was sprinkling when I left. I'm thinking I can handle a little rain. But halfway to my parking lot, it decided to pour. Yes I was soaked. My hair looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. OH well, one of these days the sun will shine again.

Traffic. Sucks. Period. On 59 S, there is this curve in the road, and apparently its pretty scary to ppl b/c everyone slows down, everyone, and you are thinking oh there is traffic or something, but after you get passed the curve, it runs smoothly. Really is there a need to slow down around the curve. You'll be ok, I promise. Also, why ppl feel the need to cut into traffic at the last possible second is beyond me. Houston even put up these nice little yellow poles to keep ppl from doing it, yet these poles are now turning black due to the number of cars that have hit them trying to cut in. Seriously.

Well now that I've successfully been negative, I'll try to add some positivity here. Three weeks till NY!! New trash valet service at my apt, here's to laziness! Saw Catch and Releease -- soooo good. Went shopping at Ann Taylor loft. Get to visit my mom/dad in two weeks! Asked to be a bridesmaid in Sarah's wedding in August! Discovered a new love for Everwood (too bad its already cancelled)! Got three fun letters in one week!

Life is mega busy right now.

Much love.

Yay: New clothes.
Dang: Rain.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is me going to the BURG

Its official! I bought a plane ticket and will be visiting the one and only Elaine Caldwell the first weekend of April in the lovely colonial city of the 'Burg. Maybe she will teach me how to churn butter...

SOOOO Excited!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is me with random thought (too)

(yes i'm copying jen and elaine)
  • School starts Tuesday.
  • Houston freaks out at the sign troubling weather. No worries our school already sent us an email just in case it freezes and we have to miss our first day.
  • Hoping it freezes and we have to miss our first day.
  • I'm watching Pirates of the Caribbean (2) for the first time right now.
  • My favorite soup is broccoli cheddar from Potbelly. YUMMY
  • Without fail, if you go somewhere without getting ready (as in I woke up, took a shower, and was hungry so I didn't blow dry or put make up on) you will always run into people you know.
  • I miss Mike.
  • Vietnamese fajitas are really darn good.
  • I need to go to the grocery store.
  • I need to work on my moot court argument.
  • I need to read for class on Tuesday (all 52 pages, awesome)
  • My feet are really cold right now.
  • My fish Phredd knows when it is going to be fed.
  • Ghostbusters is on tv on abc family (not entirely sure it is such an abc family movie)
  • I still haven't put my mini christmas tree away yet.
  • Had my first "cultural" experience last night.

There ya go.

Much Love

Yay: netflix

dang: school stress

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is me being impractical. (gasp I know)

I'm practical. As my roommate from college put it last night "if it doesn't fit into the sara plan, it doesn't work". Which apparently I didn't realize I was so intense about. Ok ok, so maybe I knew it a little bit. Maybe a lot a bit. But I am coming to realize that some of the best moments are those that are not planned. I can say I will be done with law school in 2008, I will take the bar in July, I will hopefully have a job after that point as well. But what I cannot say is that I will find love, that I will have a family, that I can predict friends, even that I can predict death. (ok that was a bit of a downer there, sorry). I can only HOPE for those things (well not death of course). I'm learning to let go, to not be so exactly planned in the personal areas of my life. Its ok to have a strategic plan to go along w/ my career. Goals, dreams if you will. They help me accomplish those goals and dreams. Each day I am going to take what comes, to keep dreaming for that great love, for that great relationship, for that great family. And, in the midst of all that dreaming, hopefully continue to learn that for practical Sara it is ok to be impractical.

Much love.

Yay: 25 minute phone calls :) (so what if they make my entire week better)
Dang: $400 books. awesome. Thanks law school.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

This is me becoming a regular at Sbucks

I had friends that talked about it. Loved it, enjoyed it, revelled in it (ok maybe not that far). What, you ask, am I talking about? Becoming a "regular" at Starbucks. Yesterday, I walked in, sat down, opened up my lap top, pulled out my stack of law materials and began to work. Last semester, beginning in Sept., i decided I liked studying at Starbucks (Sbucks if you will). So I went every Sunday night until the 25 member bible study decided to meet there, so then it switched to mondays and an occasional other night. I began to notice in about October/Nov early that I recognized all the baristas. Not only did I study there, but it also helped curb my addiction when I dropped in 1/2 times a week on my way to school or work for a pick me up. Come december when finals hit, I studied there a lot becuase it was a nice break from the monotony of school. Well back to yesterday, I got up to get a Grande Latte (a break from my normal Grande Caramal Macchiato). Well I have great luck and ended up being stuck behind a lady asking for directions around Houston. It was taking forever, but I continued to wait patiently. Then the guy behind the counter, a barista i recognized, asked me how I was and then asked me what I wanted. I told him my selection and then he motioned for me to come over to the other side of the coffee bar and handed me my drink, and this is the best part, for FREE. I became an official regular. Especially after I thanked him and he responded with "no problem you are in here enough" (not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but atleast I'm helping pay their paychecks). My day was going badly and it definitely made it better!

Yay: Grey's premiering this week
Dang: Not getting to talk to someone for over a week :(

Sunday, January 7, 2007

This is me still on break, but at school.

School doesn't start for another week, well 16th to be exact, and I find myself sitting at school in the "red room". Yes yes i realize its a sunday and I am probably one of 10 that are at school. The next six weeks are going to be really intense. I am going to the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition at Pace Law School in White Plains, NY. It's the last weekend of February. We will be there for 5 days, arguing our little hearts out. It's also completely on UH's dime, awesome. But, what that entails is that I get to come hang out at school during my winter break. It's ok though b/c I'm pretty sure I want to kick butt at this competitoin. We are arguing a global warming issue. Something I've never argued before and so it should be a good learning experience. So here I sit, starting to write my outline for my argument.

Other than that, this past week has been good so far. I came back to Houston on Sunday. Spent New Years Eve with some great friends and some great red wine. Mostly been running errands, cleaning my apt, watching movies, working out and just enjoying being lazy before it gets really rough when school starts. I did go back to work on Thurs. I wasn't sure when I would head back there, but I was getting tired of doing nothing and decided to make some money to make up for all the money I spent over Christmas. Other than that, not a lot going on.

Can't believe its already 2007. I really hope this year goes well. I guess we will see in a year, you can ask me what I thing. Haha. Well back to this outline. I've procrastinated enough.

Much love.

Yay: letters in the mail.
Dang: still waiting on my red high heels to show up. Come on Nordstroms.