Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This is me with a headache.

I hate drama. Yet drama always seems to find me. I can't handle it right now. School takes up too much of my brain. That's all I am going to say about that.

The lady who took my blood last week bruised me and all my friends who she took blood from. Hm...

I'm going to Williamsburg this weekend to visit Elaine.

Friends. Good friends. I like good friends. Good friends who don't call me selfish.

I get to see my family on Thursday and Friday :) YAY!

I put my two week notice in today at work. No more secretarial work for me. Halleujah. (sp?)

My birthday is a month from tomorrow, take note, and write it down.

I still have a crush on an army boy.

I think my overall tolerance for people is decreasing, not sure why.

April and May are my favorite months and i'm pretty sure I will like them even more when I am no longer a student *one year away btw.

I still don't have a trash can to put trash out in.

My apt complex is going to get yelled at by me tomorrow afternoon. Be scared.

I like new shoes, but they always seem to hurt my feet.

Rangers and 'Stros are both sucking it up so far, come on guys.

My spinning instructor kicked my butt last night. And yelled at the girl who decided to talk on her cell phone in the middle of class. Quality.

The guy in front of me in class likes to play online computer games.

I think staring at a computer all day is giving me an incessant headache.

I am wearing bright pink nailpolish. And i like it.

I have seriously tried to make an effort to get up on time every morning but for some reason I just end up waking up at 8 am anyways. (I set my alarm clock for 7:16 am).

That's about all my ramblings for today.

Much love.

Kudos: Fam and fun visits.
Dang: headaches and drama- somehow related I think.

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