Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This is me with one less trash can.

My apartment complex started this new valet trash service, that I will eventually have to end up paying an extra $20 a month for. So they provided us with these black trashcans to put our trash bags in and then we are to set out the black trash can outside our door at night and the little trash fairies come and pick up our trash. WELL apparently what they didn't tell you is that occasionally they will STEAL, yes STEAL your trash can. I went to for my trash can tonight and apparently its gone. I don't know if they are punishing me for failing to bring it inside this morning or what. But really if they are eventually going to make me pay for this service, they shouldn't steal the trash can I have been told to use because i made ONE mistake of leaving it out. Seriously. This is dumb. Now i have to go all the way to the office and ask for my trash can back. Hello are we in 3rd grade again?

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Jen said...

I have the same valet service! But I keep forgetting to bring my trash can in after they empty it, so periodically I get little notes telling me to do so or I'll be fined for leaving it out. Yeah, we're in 3rd grade.