Thursday, March 1, 2007

This is me as a quarterfinalist.

Well I have been back from NY now 4 days, so I figured I would update this thing. Here's a little rundown of my competition experience:
  • Made it to the quarterfinals!! Top 27 out of 70+ teams.
  • I was the first arguer of the entire competition in my round. And the minute I opened my mouth I had questions thrown at me.
  • Apparently when I get really nervous I start to act strange, so the combination of my 3 cups of coffee plus nerves made Sara really funny the first day of competition. Trey and David thought it was humorous.
  • Met a lot of other law schoolers from Chicago, Vermont, Utah, and Virginia. They were all really fun.
  • Ate a lot of really great food and drank some really great wine. Pretty awesome.
  • White Plains is really cold in Feb.
  • Judges should learn to keep their legs crossed, especially when its a woman in her 60s with a skirt suit on.
  • Hotels that charge $20 for a breakfast buffet are not cool.
  • Having my own hotel room is cool.
  • Mini-bars are cool too.
  • I am still in love with NYC.
  • While in NYC we got to see the MoMA- which mean I got to see some of my favorites such as Monet!! THen we had a tour of NBC studios where we caught part of the SNL cast rehearsing AND I got to see Dwight from the office live and in person.
  • I learned a few things from going to NYC -- wear comfortable shoes, beanies are a great investment, Johns Pizzaria is yummy and in an old church in the theater district, the next time I go to NYC i will see a show or four, I also learned how to navigate through Grand Central Station.
  • My hair looked much better in NY without the humidity.
  • My feet were mad at me after making them wear heals for 5 days.
  • I hate hose. Period. Whoever invented these things was dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.
  • How to properly pronounce Filet Mignon. (i know how to say worries).
  • The cabs in White Plains are really kinda of trashy.

Other than NY- here is an update on the rest of my life:

  • I need to play catch up with school work like whoa.
  • Going to see Clay Walker and Pat Green within the next week!
  • Get to go to the Oregon coast for a week this summer w/ my family. Pretty awesome.
  • Most likely going on a cruise with Elaine this summer too.
  • Get to judge little 1Ls in their moot court rounds this Friday. Yes finally on the other side of the table. Prolly a bad thing I don't really understand the problem. Yea i'll need to work on that.
  • Completely understand Jen when she said that its hard to keep a small apt clean. I totally agree.
  • I really really like Jane Austen, I'm reading Pride and Prejudice now, and Sense and Sensibility next.
  • I'm sitting in class right now and have no idea what my prof is saying. What can I say, i'm a good law student.
  • Might lose my office at work, bummer.
  • My prof is wearing a complete denim outfit right now.
  • I never quite realized how much I enjoy wearing flip flops. Ahhhhh.
  • Timing sucks. Period.

Much Love

Yay: Clay Walker

Dang: Mike not coming back for a while. :(

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