Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This is me reminded of why i hate statistics.

Here I am, a second year law student. Fully in the grasp of only having to read and analyze reading. In essence, what I mean is that one of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoy law school (ok that might be an exaggeration), is that law does not equal math. That means that while in law school and while i practice law in the future, I will never have to do math. I hate math. Hate it. With the more hatred than I have for anything in this whole world. Ok ok so not all math is bad. I can handle adding, subtracting, multiplication, and an occasional long division. But anything more than that, might as well have stuck me in my own personal hell. Such that on my final for business organizations, I skipped the math problem b/c it was only worth 2 pionts and didn't feel like spending the majority of my test time remembering how to do fractions. So here I sit (and am currently sitting) in Products Liability. And what pray tell are we talking about and is my professor writing all over the board? MATH. Not any kind of math, Statistics. That's right my friends. Its making me flash back to psych stats back in my sophomore year of college. Where not even my TA could speak english, literally and my prof was like 100 years old. Why oh why oh why must law involve statistics. Apparently this stuff is important too, to this course at least, in determining causation in relation to mass tort cases. Now my question to you is, when I am an attorney, can't I just hire someone to do this kind of crap for me? Yes I think so. So commence tuning out...

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