Sunday, June 29, 2008

And the nerves set in...

Well. I received my "admission ticket" today to take the July Bar Exam. Its official. I'm going to be taking this test (which I always knew I was, but somehow getting the ticket means its actually real). The nerves set in. A rush of them from my head to my toes and especially alot in my stomach. Oh, and its only appropriate that I got it on the ONE MONTH mark till the test. (well it came yesterday, but I didn't check my mail till today, since apparently it is sunday, which b/c i had class this morning I forgot).

Nerves. Anxiety. Excitement. That's what I'm feeling.

Welp, time to eat dinner.

Much love.

Yay: Movie breaks w/ the boyfriend.
Dang: Bar.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beach here I come!

So its official now, Patrick and I are going to CANCUN, Mexico for our "bar trip" (i.e. the trip to escape from the world after three days of testing). We booked it last night and we'll be heading down to the white beaches, to lounge, sip fruity drinks (well I'll be doing that, he'll prolly have his signature jim beam w/ diet coke, tall, single), get a tan, swim w/ the dolphins, see some ruins, shop, and just RELAX after three months of unending stress of whether or not we'll become licensed attorneys. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

This past weekend was absolutely fun! If you might remember from my past post, Patrick and I ventured to Coleman, Tx for his 15 year hs reunion. Well we left at 6:30 am on Saturday morning, and arrived there around 12:30ish. We had a fun drive, listened to some Stephen King books on ipod and just chatted. We went to his reunion which was a picnic out at a ranch, and there was a pool and huge deck. It was fun! good food and met a lot of ppl, most have kids. Yea. I was the youngest one there. But it was fine! After that we visited with his mom, and then went to the rodeo/town dance. It was a blast! I had never been to something like that before and was glad to go. Again we just hung out w/ his friends from hs and Patrick had a great time, which was the most important thing. We stayed up really late chatting w/ his cousin and his cousin's wife and her cousins (got that?) and I even tasted the infamous "allsups burrito" (note - infamous in Coleman) late night and well it was tasty, but i'm sure it would only have tasted good then and not at a normal hour. Sunday we hung out with his family and then headed back to Houston. We listend to Pet Sematary on the way home and he's been using it to scare me since we listened to it. Awesome. haha. That's been about it. I had a great time and it was fun to see where he was from and learn more about this guy I'm crazy about. (cheesy, sorry).

That's all I got. Studying away. Party.

Much Love.

Yay: Baking!
Dang: Bar.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update update update

Well life is getting more hectic, as each day comes. Why, b/c the bar exam gets closer as each day passes. So as a quick update, here's what I've been doing, not in any order:

  • Spent some amazing time at home w/ my family. I know i know, yes I was in arlington and i know it would've been an opportunity to see people, but all I did was spend time with my family. I will back in town in August (most likely), and hope to see everyone I didn't get to this past week. Sorrrry.
  • Just ate a pizza with NO cheese. That's right. I've decided since I'm allergic to dairy (yes, allergic, not lactose intolerant, just plain allergic, like stuffy nose, sneezy, red face allergic) that i'd actually try to make a pro active effort at not eating it. Well its harder than you might think. Dairy is in soo much stuff, like the clam chowder I had at cheesecake factory (oops), or the hot pocket i had for lunch today (oops), or the kolache I had yesterday (triple oops). So i'm not doing very good, but I ordered pizza tonight from papa johns and got it with no cheese (b/c apparently you can do that) to see if I liked it, i LOVED it. I normally take the cheese off after a little while anyway and it was tasty and won't make me sick, awesome! Now if I can just be more proactive about everything else...
  • I'm taking a practice MBE tomorrow, which means I'm taking a 200 question multiple choice test tomorrow from 9 am till 4 pm. Jealous?
  • Because of that test tomorrow, I'm going to go to bed early tonight, and do some practice questions after i get off this thing.
  • I'm going to Small Town, TX for Patrick's 15 year hs reunion (yes, he's older, and yes i love it). There's a lunch on Saturday at a ranch, and then a rodeo and a dance that night! I think i'm more excited than he is!! It'll be fun to get to see where he grew up and meet the people he grew up with as well. Plus get to spend some quality time with him.
  • After this weekend, I'm going to be in super serious study mode (SSSM). Which means I'll be studying every afternoon, and evening, which means- not making plans, not going to be on my computer very much (so not a lot of gmail chat) . So if you want to do something with me and you live in Houston, the most I can do is lunch or dinner, and a quick one at that. Boo. I know. i'm not looking forward to it either. But such is life. I need to pass the bar so I can practice law. That's numero uno priority right now. But I still love all my friends and will return to normal social life on August 1st. NO worries!
  • I'm still loving my new hair.
  • I bought a real planner today, with the refillable inserts and the cover that I can theoretically use FOREVER. Its red and tan and beautiful. I was so excited when I bought it today and can't wait to start to use on July 1. I know its weird and I know its nerdy/dorky. But I'm a planner and writing in my planner is a fave of mine. Don't judge.
  • My apartment is ridiculously messy right now. And yes its bothering me, a lot, but It would take several hours to pick everything up and I just dont' have that right now. So the plan for sunday when i get back from the reunion is to clean all night till its clean and not messy.
  • My fave show right now on Tv is So you think you can dance. Watch it, and love it.

Well that's all I got today. Back to the studying I go.

Much Love.

Yay: Getting to dance w/ the boyfriend this weekend!

Dang: Bar.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is me with a change.

Well in the midst of the ever so big transition in my life that I am experiencing right now, I decided to transition something else, my hair. I've had blonde hair for forever. The last ten years it has been artificially helped to be more blonde (gasp, i know, i hope you really didn't think it was that blonde :) ). And the past three months it had gotten really long, like bra strap long. And then I just had ENOUGH. So, I changed it. Not just a little. But a lot. As can be seen by the pic below, I am no longer "blonde". And it feels great and a lot more natural and well its good to be back to the natural hair color. I'm introducing my new do to the blog world:

I have four more days of barbri until I get a five day break. I'm ready. Blah. I get to go home and see my family and be taken care of and not stress and enjoy the five days of summer before its back to the grind (don't worry i'll be studying at home too).

Much love.

Yay: sisters.

Dang: hot.

Monday, June 2, 2008

This is me at the beginning of my 3rd week of barbri.

I had a one day weekend. That's right. I had barbri on Friday, barbri on Saturday (for 8 hours), and then I got Sunday off. I'm not trying to complain or anything, but really, one day is not enough. Especially when you spend that one day attempting to be productive and study. Friday night was fun, even though had to wake up for class all day Saturday. Patrick and I went with Tara and her bf Craig to a comedy show at the Houston Improv. It was hilarious and I really enjoyed it. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. It was good to spend some time with Tara and Craig. They are a fun couple! ;) Saturday night was a good nighteven though i was exhausted from the day, hung out with my sister and brother in law and their friends, basically swam for 5 hours at night. Haven't done that since I was a little kid, so it was fun and i forgot what it feels like to be water logged (pretty sure i had water go thru my nose and thru my ears because we were doing flips and handstands in the pool, awesome). That's about the fun I had this weekend.

What am I doing you ask right now? Well I am reviewing the criminal law notes from the lecture this morning and then i'm going to go get a pedicure. Even though i'm studying all the time, I need to keep up the beauty regiments, especially pedicures. I hadn't gotten one in like 6 months (don't be grossed out) and I was lectured by the nail lady that I was a bad woman and should get it done every two weeks. Well its been a month, so I guess I failed once more at pedicure technique...

This week is super busy once more. Its now June (duh) and why is this important you may ask? Oh because that means the Bar Exam is NEXT MONTH! Its time to get serious with the studying which means coming home and studying after class into the evening. Don't worry I'm leaving myself some fun later at night after I get done. Like, for example, Patrick and I are goign to see The Strangers tonight (which i'm sure i'll be freaked out by, but I like scary movies and I like to be scared, don't ask). And tomorrow I'll be going to see Sex and the City with Lauren (and some other friends)! And then Lauren's 25th birthday is on Thursday, yay! So i'm rewarding my hard work, now I just need to make sure I do the hard work...

On that note, back to studying I go.

Much love.

Yay: My new work out plan. (Mrs. Flores - i'm trying that plan we tried first year that I managed to do for two weeks...haha).

Dang: Bar.