Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is me going to the BURG

Its official! I bought a plane ticket and will be visiting the one and only Elaine Caldwell the first weekend of April in the lovely colonial city of the 'Burg. Maybe she will teach me how to churn butter...

SOOOO Excited!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is me with random thought (too)

(yes i'm copying jen and elaine)
  • School starts Tuesday.
  • Houston freaks out at the sign troubling weather. No worries our school already sent us an email just in case it freezes and we have to miss our first day.
  • Hoping it freezes and we have to miss our first day.
  • I'm watching Pirates of the Caribbean (2) for the first time right now.
  • My favorite soup is broccoli cheddar from Potbelly. YUMMY
  • Without fail, if you go somewhere without getting ready (as in I woke up, took a shower, and was hungry so I didn't blow dry or put make up on) you will always run into people you know.
  • I miss Mike.
  • Vietnamese fajitas are really darn good.
  • I need to go to the grocery store.
  • I need to work on my moot court argument.
  • I need to read for class on Tuesday (all 52 pages, awesome)
  • My feet are really cold right now.
  • My fish Phredd knows when it is going to be fed.
  • Ghostbusters is on tv on abc family (not entirely sure it is such an abc family movie)
  • I still haven't put my mini christmas tree away yet.
  • Had my first "cultural" experience last night.

There ya go.

Much Love

Yay: netflix

dang: school stress

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is me being impractical. (gasp I know)

I'm practical. As my roommate from college put it last night "if it doesn't fit into the sara plan, it doesn't work". Which apparently I didn't realize I was so intense about. Ok ok, so maybe I knew it a little bit. Maybe a lot a bit. But I am coming to realize that some of the best moments are those that are not planned. I can say I will be done with law school in 2008, I will take the bar in July, I will hopefully have a job after that point as well. But what I cannot say is that I will find love, that I will have a family, that I can predict friends, even that I can predict death. (ok that was a bit of a downer there, sorry). I can only HOPE for those things (well not death of course). I'm learning to let go, to not be so exactly planned in the personal areas of my life. Its ok to have a strategic plan to go along w/ my career. Goals, dreams if you will. They help me accomplish those goals and dreams. Each day I am going to take what comes, to keep dreaming for that great love, for that great relationship, for that great family. And, in the midst of all that dreaming, hopefully continue to learn that for practical Sara it is ok to be impractical.

Much love.

Yay: 25 minute phone calls :) (so what if they make my entire week better)
Dang: $400 books. awesome. Thanks law school.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

This is me becoming a regular at Sbucks

I had friends that talked about it. Loved it, enjoyed it, revelled in it (ok maybe not that far). What, you ask, am I talking about? Becoming a "regular" at Starbucks. Yesterday, I walked in, sat down, opened up my lap top, pulled out my stack of law materials and began to work. Last semester, beginning in Sept., i decided I liked studying at Starbucks (Sbucks if you will). So I went every Sunday night until the 25 member bible study decided to meet there, so then it switched to mondays and an occasional other night. I began to notice in about October/Nov early that I recognized all the baristas. Not only did I study there, but it also helped curb my addiction when I dropped in 1/2 times a week on my way to school or work for a pick me up. Come december when finals hit, I studied there a lot becuase it was a nice break from the monotony of school. Well back to yesterday, I got up to get a Grande Latte (a break from my normal Grande Caramal Macchiato). Well I have great luck and ended up being stuck behind a lady asking for directions around Houston. It was taking forever, but I continued to wait patiently. Then the guy behind the counter, a barista i recognized, asked me how I was and then asked me what I wanted. I told him my selection and then he motioned for me to come over to the other side of the coffee bar and handed me my drink, and this is the best part, for FREE. I became an official regular. Especially after I thanked him and he responded with "no problem you are in here enough" (not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but atleast I'm helping pay their paychecks). My day was going badly and it definitely made it better!

Yay: Grey's premiering this week
Dang: Not getting to talk to someone for over a week :(

Sunday, January 7, 2007

This is me still on break, but at school.

School doesn't start for another week, well 16th to be exact, and I find myself sitting at school in the "red room". Yes yes i realize its a sunday and I am probably one of 10 that are at school. The next six weeks are going to be really intense. I am going to the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition at Pace Law School in White Plains, NY. It's the last weekend of February. We will be there for 5 days, arguing our little hearts out. It's also completely on UH's dime, awesome. But, what that entails is that I get to come hang out at school during my winter break. It's ok though b/c I'm pretty sure I want to kick butt at this competitoin. We are arguing a global warming issue. Something I've never argued before and so it should be a good learning experience. So here I sit, starting to write my outline for my argument.

Other than that, this past week has been good so far. I came back to Houston on Sunday. Spent New Years Eve with some great friends and some great red wine. Mostly been running errands, cleaning my apt, watching movies, working out and just enjoying being lazy before it gets really rough when school starts. I did go back to work on Thurs. I wasn't sure when I would head back there, but I was getting tired of doing nothing and decided to make some money to make up for all the money I spent over Christmas. Other than that, not a lot going on.

Can't believe its already 2007. I really hope this year goes well. I guess we will see in a year, you can ask me what I thing. Haha. Well back to this outline. I've procrastinated enough.

Much love.

Yay: letters in the mail.
Dang: still waiting on my red high heels to show up. Come on Nordstroms.