Monday, August 31, 2009

My bruised leg for your viewing pleasure

This pic was taken on my camera phone so quality is minimal, the reddest part is where the garage door handle hit....

Notice the bump on the upper right side, no that is not my muscle...swollen lump. awesome.

Random weekend update

Random weekend - fun/painful. I'll explain.


Went to see Time Traveler's Wife! And I loved it. I read the book about three years ago so it wasn't fresh enough in my mind to remember a whole lot, so I found the movie surprising and entertaining. I cried at the end, a lot. Which can always be quasi embarrasing in the movie theater. I love Rachel McAdams, and to ponder time traveling boggles my mind.


Patrick's mom/sister were in town for the weekend. So I had brunch with them, and then headed to my law school to help out with a writing workshop. AND I was told that I get to coach an actual moot court team this year! Yay!

Afterwards, I hit up the galleria for a little retail therapy.

Then I headed to Patrick's to hang out with everyone. Well...patrick's roommate has a scooter/moped. Its pink. And Patrick decided (upon my urging) to give me a few lessons in the art of moped riding. I was riding along just fine, that is until the speed bump intervened, and I ran into a garage going about 20 mph. Ouchies.



Hurt Sara

Now, my right side took the brunt of the impact b/c I tried to turn at the last minute, and as I turned I fell down on my left side. My right quad ran into the door handle on the garage and has a good cantaloupe size bruise/bump and hurts like heck. Even now as I sit in my office it is throbbing. My right arm is really sore, my left ankle has an injured ligament and I have some road rash on my left arm. Awesome. Guess I won't be riding on a moped anytime soon. No worries about all the other physical damage(the dented garage, and the smashed moped), we've already taken care of those.


Nursed my wounds on the couch watching Dexter Season 2 on demand. Then went to see Depeche Mode with Kate and Steve (Patrick was supposed to come, but alas, his surgery happened). It was a fun/interesting concert. I know a lot of DM's older songs (like from the 80s/90s), not so much their newer songs (which they played a lot of). But I had an enjoyable evening chatting with my sister and brother in law and singing the songs I do know.

This week:

Not a lot going on this week. Looking forward to the three day weekend coming up and the four day week that follows. I have a hearing on Friday, and just other projects to complete during the week. Getting lunch with Alisa today, and seeing the boy tonight.

Patrick Update: Well...Patrick is still healing. He has another two weeks off from work to recover. He is allowed to drive now so I think he doesn't feel as shut in (he wasn't allowed to drive for two weeks after the surgery). Pray for quick healing!

Much Love!

Yay: My new shoes!

Dang: the bruise on my thigh.

Monday, August 17, 2009


After a four hour surgery, Patrick is recovering at home. His herniated disc in his lower back was pretty awful (according the doctor, but put into Sara terms). And his pain/numbness should go away substantially. This past weekend was spent playing nurse and taking care of my boy. He'll be off week for 3-4 weeks, which is definitely needed. Let's just say the three inch long, 20 stapled wound on his lower back (not to mention the cut off vertebrae) needs time to heal. Thank you for all of y'alls thoughts and concerns. It was a pretty stressful/scary two days.

Much Love.

Weekend update to come soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hello Friends. Just thought I'd send out a prayer request. My boyfriend, Patrick, was in a car accident back in February. He has a lot of back pain as a result, and numbness. He went to the doctor today and the doctor ordered immediate surgery on his back. Turns out he has a herniated disc (ruptured disc) in his lower back that is causing nerve problems. His surgery is tomorrow morning. I will be there. Please if you have a moment say a little prayer. This type of surgery is common for neurosurgeons, and I pray that it goes smoothly like they say it will, and that he will have relief from his back pain.

Much love.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hair Standstill

This always happens. I want to grow my hair out, and I finally do. But now I need to do somethign to spice it up. I have hair that is long, all one length (minus the front "bangs" but are really just grown out layers now). I haven't gotten it styled in a long time (think spring time). And I am officially bored with it. I do not want to go short. Since I just spent months growing it back out again. But I am looking for something fun and cute and easy. Any ideas? I was thinking long layers? I wish I could say I am the type of girl who never leaves the house without fixing my hair, but that is a lie. I would say, three of the five days of the week, I put it up in a pony tail and most of the time wet (I like my sleep, what can I say?). This probably isn't helping my desire to spice up my hair do. Ho hum. If you know me personally, and you know what my hair looks like, can you provide some ideas that you think would look cute? I definitely foresee a cut in the near future...

Who doesn't love this face?

RR365 Dish2:

Tex Mex Mac n Cheddar: Tasty. Although it took longer to make than expected because I have zero experience in making a "roux" and messed it up the first time. It was a little grainy, might have been the cheese I used, but still came together and was good. I did have a minor sauce overflow onto the stove top b/c milk when it bubbles is hard to stop from overflowing (tip anyone?). Patrick even decided I should add corn and jalapenos for next time. I just might!

This sign is hilarious - had dinner with Maggie on Monday night and it was posted on the stair well of the restuarant, it basically says if you are drunk don't use the stairs, use the elevator.

In other news: Jennifer Leist asked me to be in her House Party for her wedding! I'm super excited and blessed to have her as a friend, and can't wait for all her wedding festivities!

In Vegas, at Pure.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend in a Nutshell

The weekend went by way way too fast. It was a nice, relaxing weekend!

On Friday:
Went over to Kate and Steve's for dinner (pot roast, mmm) with the boy, and we played Dominoes and hung out for a while.

On Saturday:
I did domestical activities, read from Vision in White and Julie/Julia, and watched about 4 Dexter episodes (i'm addicted). That night went to Cedar Creek to celebrate Steve's 30th Birthday with everyone. It was such a great time. Got to see both sisters at the same time, can't beat that!

Me and my beautiful sisters, Kate and Liz.
On Sunday:
Had brunch with the boy. Went and did some grocery shopping at the new HEB! And then hung out with Patrick and made dinner. We watched The Unborn, which neither of us really liked, oh well.
RR365 Dish 1:
I made "Smoked Turkey Shepherd's Pie" for Patrick and I on Sunday night. It turned out tasty. Next time I'll let it simmer longer because it was definitely runny, and the carrots weren't exactly cooked all the way through so they were crunchy. But it was tasty! Can't beat Mashed Potatoes, mmm.
This week should be a relatively good one, I think. Who knows might actually happen.
I posted another book review on my book blog (nerdy but fun) - check it out:

Much Love.
Yay: Surprise lunch with my little sis today
Dang: Laundry.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Simple Things in Life

I seem to find myself blogging about the simple things in life a lot. Well here's another one - the new HEB that just opened across the highway from my apt! When I lived in Wacky Waco for four years I shopped at either Walmart, or HEB. Both had good sale items and good food. Well, when I moved to Houston, I was sad to see that there wasn't an HEB or a Walmart anywhere nearby. I shopped at Kroger instead. Which, don't get me wrong, I like Kroger, a lot actually, and I know the Kroger by my apt very well after 4 years, and I even recognize the checkers, but its not HEB. Well, my friends, a new HEB just opened on Wed. AND its across the highway from my apt. AND its a new "hybrid" HEB, which means, its a Central Market and HEB mix. All the fun food of Central Market and all the fun sale items of HEB. I'm thrilled. I didn't make it to the grand opening, because to be honest, I googled yesterday to find out when it was opening. BUT I will be making a stop there today to buy items to make dessert for tonight (I love baking) and then will make a trip on Sunday to buy groceries for the week (i'm now trying to make recipes only from the Rachel Ray 365 Cookbook, we'll call it RR365 for short, because I love that book and I dont' use it often enough and hopefully it'll encourage me to cook more, and I love the Julie/Julia project and so it sounded fun to try my own, downsized version of it). In other words, yay for the new HEB!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looking forward to:

BAYLOR BEARS v. TECH RED RAIDERS on November 28th at the new Cowboys Stadium. SIC EM Bears!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random Weekend 101

This weekend turned out to be very random and very fun!

Friday I left work, and then Maggie and I went to Mixers and Elixirs at the HMNS. It was super fun. They had an 80s band that played that night, and so it was catered with snack food you might find at a sleepover (gummi worms, goldfish, chips, popcorn, snickers, rice krispies). Afterwards we met up with my sis/bro in law, patrick, and erin. While hanging out, we came up the brilliant idea to go to Lake Charles on Saturday since it appeared none of us had any real plans for Saturday.

Saturday - we took the impromptu road trip to lake charles, la. I'd never been to Lake Charles, but I heard it was fun. We rolled out around noon with 7 ppl in my bro in laws tahoe. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the casinos, people watching, and having a good time.. It was very spontaneous and random. We came back last night around midnight and i passed out from exhaustion. I didn't win any money, but that's okay. My $4k vegas win last april 08 i think guarantees me to have bad luck from now on. On our way back from Lake Charles, we stopped at Dequincey, La. at Charlie's Cajun hole in the wall. An entire buffet of fried food, not kidding. I had a great time and would like to go back to L'berge Du Lac for a weekend getaway, it was a really nice resort.

Today. I have done nothing other than watch movies, a load of laundry, the dishes, make a run to Chili's to get to go food, and hang out with the boy. It has been and is the perfect day of veg. Exactly what I needed after my spontaneous road trip yesterday.

This week should be good. Nothing really planned except for work.

Much Love.