Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hair Standstill

This always happens. I want to grow my hair out, and I finally do. But now I need to do somethign to spice it up. I have hair that is long, all one length (minus the front "bangs" but are really just grown out layers now). I haven't gotten it styled in a long time (think spring time). And I am officially bored with it. I do not want to go short. Since I just spent months growing it back out again. But I am looking for something fun and cute and easy. Any ideas? I was thinking long layers? I wish I could say I am the type of girl who never leaves the house without fixing my hair, but that is a lie. I would say, three of the five days of the week, I put it up in a pony tail and most of the time wet (I like my sleep, what can I say?). This probably isn't helping my desire to spice up my hair do. Ho hum. If you know me personally, and you know what my hair looks like, can you provide some ideas that you think would look cute? I definitely foresee a cut in the near future...

Who doesn't love this face?

RR365 Dish2:

Tex Mex Mac n Cheddar: Tasty. Although it took longer to make than expected because I have zero experience in making a "roux" and messed it up the first time. It was a little grainy, might have been the cheese I used, but still came together and was good. I did have a minor sauce overflow onto the stove top b/c milk when it bubbles is hard to stop from overflowing (tip anyone?). Patrick even decided I should add corn and jalapenos for next time. I just might!

This sign is hilarious - had dinner with Maggie on Monday night and it was posted on the stair well of the restuarant, it basically says if you are drunk don't use the stairs, use the elevator.

In other news: Jennifer Leist asked me to be in her House Party for her wedding! I'm super excited and blessed to have her as a friend, and can't wait for all her wedding festivities!

In Vegas, at Pure.

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