Monday, August 31, 2009

Random weekend update

Random weekend - fun/painful. I'll explain.


Went to see Time Traveler's Wife! And I loved it. I read the book about three years ago so it wasn't fresh enough in my mind to remember a whole lot, so I found the movie surprising and entertaining. I cried at the end, a lot. Which can always be quasi embarrasing in the movie theater. I love Rachel McAdams, and to ponder time traveling boggles my mind.


Patrick's mom/sister were in town for the weekend. So I had brunch with them, and then headed to my law school to help out with a writing workshop. AND I was told that I get to coach an actual moot court team this year! Yay!

Afterwards, I hit up the galleria for a little retail therapy.

Then I headed to Patrick's to hang out with everyone. Well...patrick's roommate has a scooter/moped. Its pink. And Patrick decided (upon my urging) to give me a few lessons in the art of moped riding. I was riding along just fine, that is until the speed bump intervened, and I ran into a garage going about 20 mph. Ouchies.



Hurt Sara

Now, my right side took the brunt of the impact b/c I tried to turn at the last minute, and as I turned I fell down on my left side. My right quad ran into the door handle on the garage and has a good cantaloupe size bruise/bump and hurts like heck. Even now as I sit in my office it is throbbing. My right arm is really sore, my left ankle has an injured ligament and I have some road rash on my left arm. Awesome. Guess I won't be riding on a moped anytime soon. No worries about all the other physical damage(the dented garage, and the smashed moped), we've already taken care of those.


Nursed my wounds on the couch watching Dexter Season 2 on demand. Then went to see Depeche Mode with Kate and Steve (Patrick was supposed to come, but alas, his surgery happened). It was a fun/interesting concert. I know a lot of DM's older songs (like from the 80s/90s), not so much their newer songs (which they played a lot of). But I had an enjoyable evening chatting with my sister and brother in law and singing the songs I do know.

This week:

Not a lot going on this week. Looking forward to the three day weekend coming up and the four day week that follows. I have a hearing on Friday, and just other projects to complete during the week. Getting lunch with Alisa today, and seeing the boy tonight.

Patrick Update: Well...Patrick is still healing. He has another two weeks off from work to recover. He is allowed to drive now so I think he doesn't feel as shut in (he wasn't allowed to drive for two weeks after the surgery). Pray for quick healing!

Much Love!

Yay: My new shoes!

Dang: the bruise on my thigh.

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