Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random Weekend 101

This weekend turned out to be very random and very fun!

Friday I left work, and then Maggie and I went to Mixers and Elixirs at the HMNS. It was super fun. They had an 80s band that played that night, and so it was catered with snack food you might find at a sleepover (gummi worms, goldfish, chips, popcorn, snickers, rice krispies). Afterwards we met up with my sis/bro in law, patrick, and erin. While hanging out, we came up the brilliant idea to go to Lake Charles on Saturday since it appeared none of us had any real plans for Saturday.

Saturday - we took the impromptu road trip to lake charles, la. I'd never been to Lake Charles, but I heard it was fun. We rolled out around noon with 7 ppl in my bro in laws tahoe. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the casinos, people watching, and having a good time.. It was very spontaneous and random. We came back last night around midnight and i passed out from exhaustion. I didn't win any money, but that's okay. My $4k vegas win last april 08 i think guarantees me to have bad luck from now on. On our way back from Lake Charles, we stopped at Dequincey, La. at Charlie's Cajun hole in the wall. An entire buffet of fried food, not kidding. I had a great time and would like to go back to L'berge Du Lac for a weekend getaway, it was a really nice resort.

Today. I have done nothing other than watch movies, a load of laundry, the dishes, make a run to Chili's to get to go food, and hang out with the boy. It has been and is the perfect day of veg. Exactly what I needed after my spontaneous road trip yesterday.

This week should be good. Nothing really planned except for work.

Much Love.

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