Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few Mishaps...

I thought I'd share a few embarrasing stories from the past week.

The story of the burnt steak:

Well, as y'all know, Patrick and I were going to see Phantom on Saturday night. I had this brilliant, albeit naive, idea that I'd make a romantical dinner of mashed potatoes, green beans, steak, and salad. Now, in my romantical head I had visions of setting up my kitchen table with candles, wine glasses, perfectly cooked steak, and plates, so that when Patrick arrived it'd be ready to go. mind is a lot more confident in my cooking skills. I set out to Central Market that day to buy the ingredients. I was following a recipe because I had never cooked steak on my stove before. I started to cook the steaks on the skillet, and Patrick arrived right as I was throwing them on the stove. And while he sat and watched TV, and I cut up the potatoes, I realized that yes, in fact, the skillet was smoking, and friends, I live in an apartment. Which meant it did not take long for the ENTIRE apt to fill with smoke, and the smoke alarm to go off, and me to freak out. We ended up running around in a comedy of errors. All doors/windows were open, with the Callie Cat safely barricaded in the bathroom. Needless to say, that once the smoke cleared, the steaks were burnt, charred more likely on one side. Oops. I have a wonderful boyfriend who insisted on still eating the steak. I've learned my lesson though. Don't attempt a new recipe when you are on a limited time frame, yikes.

The story of the broken heel:

I had a hearing on Monday morning. During this hearing, I was rocking on my black heels (as I do when I am nervous), about half way through the hearing I feel something break on my shoe, I look down, and sure enough, my heel snapped off. I tried not to think about it. And as I started to walk away from the Judge's bench, I thought surely its still attached somewhat (and not wanting to direct attention to the broken heel because there were approximately 30 attorneys waiting behind me) I decided to simply act like nothing happened. Well, that didn't work. Sure enough I look down and realize that in fact I have lost the heel somewhere in the court room. When, all of a sudden, another attorney, bends down, picks up the lost heel, and says "Ma'am, I believe this is your heel" in front of everyone. I mean, what can ya do at this point. I laughed, took my heel, smiled, and graciously basked in my embarrasment as I left the courtroom, and proceed to walk back 6 blocks to my buidling in downtown, pretending I had a heel on my left shoe. Luckily I had another pair of black shoes in my car. Whew.

Happy News to report - I am officially moving into a bigger office TODAY! Yay!

Much Love.

Yay: New office.

Dang: The amoutn of launrdy I need to wash, dry, fold, repeat this weekend.


Mary said...

I think everyone has a hard time making a really good steak at home in the kitchen. We try, have okay results, and don't try again for a while. Then we think surely this way will make a great steak and repeat the process. We too have had several incidents with the smoke detectors.

You are so fortunate that you had an extra pair of heels in your car. Maybe you'll have enough room in your new, bigger office to keep a pair there too. Congrats on the move up!

I hope that you are enjoying SYTYCD! I don't know who is going to win this season. There have been so many really wonderful dancers this season, but it seems like other seasons have had more memorable dances. I hope that the performances in the final will really showcase how talented these dancers are.

I agree...yuck on laundry...I think I'm caught up only to find that the beast has risen again!

ruth.kern said...

At least steaks can be difficult. last week I managed to totally burn quesadillas, and really who does that? Better luck next time.