Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Engagement!

I know you are thinking reading the title, WHAT, Sara you are engaged, and I didn't know?! Alas, I am not, but TWO of my good friends from law school are!! (one happened back in May, i'm a little slow on the post, and the other last weekend).

Happy Engagement JLeist!

Leist (as I call her, her name is Jennifer), and Ro (as we all call him, his name is Robert), started dating towards the beginning of law school. Met each other in law school (same section), and the rest is history! I'm so excited for her and Ro, and I cannot wait for their wedding this February!

Happy Engagement Murm!

I love this pic of she and Westy. Mary and Weston (Murm and Westy) were engaged last Friday! I'm super excited for them. They've been dating now since the beginning of second year of law school, and fell in love while on law review with one another (sigh). I can't wait to celebrate their wedding in March of 2010!

As of now I have three weddings to look forward to in 2010, all in a row (Trace - Jan., Leist - Feb., Murm - March!!).

Congrats y'all four. I'm happy for each of you :)

Much Love.

Yay: Seeing Phantom this weekend!

Dang: Sleepy. And i still need to post the vacay blog, sorry.

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