Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mexico Vacay Days 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3:
Here is another view of the pool

These two days were spent doing the exact same thing both days - laying by the pool, napping, reading my book, swimming, eating, drinking fruity drinks, repeat.

La Playa

These two days were exactly what I needed. Days where the hardest decisions were what to drink and where was I going to lay by the pool, and what time should be eat?

We didn't once get into the actual ocean (gasp!, other than when we went scuba diving and parasailing). The pool side lounging options were much better for us (no sand), and direct access to the pool/pool bar.

The Resort had a bunch of different pools. Luckily our room was located in building 8, which is directly in the middle of everything. We layed by the main pool most days because it again was where most ppl were located and where the food/bar was located. There was also a lazy river and a few more smaller pools spread around the resort.

On Monday night, we ate planned to eat dinner outside at The Caribbean buffet, because it looked fun, but once we sat outside for five minutes and were eaten by about a thousand mosquitoes, we moved inside. Instaed we ate at the tapas restaurant there. It was tasty, but more like a snack before dinner, we ordered room service when we got back to our room.

Cute Patootey at dinner at the tapas restaurant

On Tuesday we layed by the pool all day, and by lay i mean we were in the pool talking to another couple in direct sunlight for a good 6 hours. Yea. Patrick's sunburn on his back proves this. I got out once to re apply sunscreen to my arms and face because I felt like I was baking, only to realize that in fact I had already baked. I took one mean nap after the 6 hour pool stint though. That night we ate dinner at "The Lobster House". It was pretty good. I think Patrick enjoyed it more than I am, and I think it just made me remember that I don't really like rubbery lobster. We had a good time learning new words though from the table sitting next to us, such as "flamboyant" spoken in a french accent, said completely serious. After dinner we just walked around the resort and called it a night.

This is what your face looks like after being in a pool, in direct sunlight, for over 5 hours.

Up next - Sara's least favorite moment of the vacay on Day 4, let's just say it involves a parasail (wed.).

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