Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mexico Vacay Day 6 and 7 and 8

Days 6 and 7 and 8:

View from our balcony

On Day 6 (Thursday) - we layed by the pool once more. We were stragglers that morning. Woke up, had a buffet breakfast, and then found a hut by the pool. We stayed out there for most of the day, fluctuating between the pool and our lounge chairs. Patrick's sunburn was pretty bad on his back so we tended to stay out of the sun more often than not. I finished my pottery bowl also that day. That night we ate dinner at the Chez Isabelle restaurant (the French restaurant). It was one of the tastiest restaurants/fanciest by far. We had a good dinner and turned in early.

On Day 7 (Friday) -

On the scuba boat

We decided to take on a scuba adventure. That morning we had a scuba lesson for an hour and a half in the pool at the resort (we are not certified, keep in mind). In this lesson we learned the basics of how to scuba and scuba'd to the other side of the lazy river. Which I am sure received some funny looks, but we liked it! After our lesson we ate lunch and then vegged. At around 2:30 we went down to the beach and met the other couples for our scubaing boat. We went out to a coral reef park near Isla Mujeres and got to scuba in coral reef! We only went down abuot 30 feet, which was fine, considering my scuba knowledge was limited to what I had learned that morning. No freak outs this time. Amazing how I was more comfortable under water than up in the air. Someone told me it might be about my level of control. I was definitely in more control under the water. I LOVED scuba diving. I really want to get certified now for otu next beach vacation. We saw some pretty fish and eels. I took a lot of pics, and I still need to get those developed at Costco (cheap prices).

At the buffet

Our friends Jason and Kim from Canada!

That night we ate at the Mexican Buffet (with 5 layers of bug spray). It was super tasty. They decorated the entire place in a mexican theme. Afterwards we headed to the Alegria bar for one last night at the discoteque. Patrick sang again at Karaoke and this time it was "Thong Song" by Sisco. It. was. hilarious. He had the crowd roaring. We also got a chance to hang out with our Canadian friends one last time. It was a great last night at oure resort!

On Day 8 -

This was our departure day. Our flight wasn't until 5 pm that afternoon and our transportation didn't arrive until 2:30 so we got to have a late lunch and wonder around the resort for a while. It was sad saying goodbye to such a wonderful vacation! I enjoyed every minute and was thankful for getting to spend so much time with Patrick (he's so busy right now I don't see him very often). I felt rejuventaed and relaxed and ready to tackle the real world once more.

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