Friday, July 24, 2009

Mexico Vacay Day 5

Day 5:

We woke on Day 5 (Wed.) to rain and storms. We lazed around the room for a while, had breakfast, and then decided it'd be fun to schedule a parasailing excursion for that afternoon (the rain was predicted to clear up).

Resort from parasail boat

We went down to the excursion place in the afternoon. Herein starts Sara's least favorite moment of the vacation - the parasail, or "skyrider". Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I'm not afraid of things (like heights), only to be in the midst of the nonfearful activity to realize that I am in fact afraid. Well we sit into the parasail bucket tarp seat (as I like to think of it), and are informed to hold on the tiny silver arm rest as our safety precaution. And its up in the air we go. Well, at first it was neat to be up there so high and able to see the pretty water below and our resort and Isla Mujeres. When it stopped being fun was when the seat we were in (that had no safety harnesses), started to tilt, and my life flashed before my eyes (okay, a bit dramatic, but I did imagine Patrick and I falling out of it and hitting the water below from 50 ft, which Patrick told me would hurt, but prolly wouldnt' break anything). I death gripped Patrick's leg, to which he responded with - we are coming down. I said, no no, i'm fine, really. ANd took a few pics, and then screamed when the boat jerked forward and for a second it felt like we were about to fall straight down. Needless to say, we came down after that. Now, i know this post sounds wimpy, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had been better latched in. It was the fear of falling out that really got me. (and no worries, I felt pretty stupid the following Friday when patrick and i watched a 7 year old get into it with her dad, oh well).

Me before going up on the parasail

The Sky Rider

The rest of the day was fun though. Patrick went to the room to nap, and I painted pottery by the pool. It was relaxing to just sit and paint a bowl and drink a Dos XXs. The bowl is now proudly displayed in my living room!

Before dinner

That night we ate dinner at the italian restaurant "Toscana". It was pretty tasty! And then we headed to the discoteque for a night cap, then headed to bed.

Tomorrow - Day 6!

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