Tuesday, July 24, 2012

...And then there were two...Thompson's

Saturday, July 14, 2012, started out like any other Saturday.... it certainly did not end like that ...

But ... let's take it back to the beginning of the story. 4.8 years ago.. PT and I started dating...

Five years ago, at the young age of 24, ah those were the days...sorry the pic is so tiny ;)

We were here right when we became "exclusive"... it'll look familiar towards the end of the post...(this was also taken 5 years ago)

Okay, Okay, I won't take it back quite that far. How about to the Friday before?

That Friday night, Patrick asked me if I'd like to go with him on Saturday to pick up a motorcycle he found in Arlington... but first, we would need to go to Boerne (see pic above) to get his dad's truck, and then drive to Arlington. But, we would need to be back in Houston that night because he had "something planned" for Sunday. So, reluctantly I agreed to accompany him on a 12 hour drive, in one day.

Saturday morning we left for our one day road trip. I woke up that morning a little hesitant about the long drive, but thought, hey, at least I'll get to spend some good time reading... er.. hanging out with Patrick. He picked me up at 9 am, and we were off, right after we stopped at a local taco place for breakfast tacos.

We arrived in Boerne around 1 pm, and were greeted by his dad. Patrick disappeared with his dad to go look at something, and I headed into the house to say hi to his stepmom and niece (who was in town visiting the grandparents). When I sat on the couch, and said hello to his stepmom and niece, I was informed that both were hungry for lunch, and were ready to go. Patrick and his dad returned to the house, and asked if I wanted to go look at his dad's new motorcycle in the barn. I walked out of the house with Patrick, and informed him that we should probably go get some lunch first because we were all hungry. He said, everyone can wait till after we look at the motorcycle. So, we walked down to the barn, and looked at the motorcylce.

This is where it gets good... on the way back up from the barn, his dad veered off to go "lock the barn." Patrick and I continued walking past the pool area, and he took my hand, and said - Hey, let's go look at the pool, my dad's been doing some work. So, we walked over to the railing by the pool that looks out over the view from the house.

That's the railing...
So, we are standing there. And, he comments on how beautiful the view is. I comment on the rotten watermelon on the ground below the railing. Still hadn't sunk in. Clearly. He re-directs my view to the actual surroundings, and then he started talking about when we first came there 5 years ago, and when I decided that I wanted to be a relationship with him. (That's paraphrasing of course - he said it much more eloquently). And, that's when my heart started to beat...because... why were we recapping our history? And he said a few more things, and then I look over, and there, in his hand, was a ring box, opened, with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. And that's when he said - And this is where I want to make you mine. At that point, he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him, and I said YES!

He stands up, we hug, and kiss, and he said - we aren't going to Arlington. I responded with, what? He said - that was just a ruse to get you here without suspecting anything. (clearly it worked!). He told me that we had a reservation at a hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, and dinner reservations as well, and since I didn't pack an overnight bag, he was going to take me to the mall to get a dress for dinner. I. was. amazed. happy. teary. excited.

After the proposal, his dad wandered over, and shook Patrick's hand, and hugged me. I called a bajillion people, and then we headed to lunch at "Boo-dawgs" with Patrick's dad, step-mom and niece. I could hardly eat I was so stinkin happy/excited.

After lunch, we headed down to San Antonio, and checked into the Omni La Mansion on the Riverwalk. We were on the top floor, and had a view of the Riverwalk. We headed to the room... and this is what I walked in on ...

We immediately popped open the champagne, and cheered to the future Mr. and Mrs. Thompson (cheesy, yes, but it was that kind of day). We headed to the River Center Mall, and I picked out a dress and necklace at Macy's.

We had dinner reservations at Biga on the Banks. A fantastic restaurant in downton, on the Riverwalk, but not in the touristy area. The Chef at the restaurant is a James Beard nominated chef. Patrick had no idea what that meant, and I only know because I watch Food Network and Top Chef. The food was excellent, and we sat outside on the balcony. I didn't take any pictures of the food, but you'll have to trust me that it was awesome. Patrick had quail and axis deer, and I had a filet with corn pudding. Of course, I had to tell the waiter that we were just engaged, and he brought out complimentary champagne... and this dessert:

It was supposed to be sorbet, but he thought we said "creme brulee." Which isn't a big deal, except I'm allergic to the entire dessert. But, it didn't matter because we were so happy!

4.8 years later and engaged!

July 14, 2012 was by far one of the best days in my entire life, Patrick took me completely by surprise. I'm truly happy, excited, and lucky to be marrying Patrick, my best friend, and the best guy I've ever known (besides my dad of course). I cannot wait for the coming months... and no.. we have not yet set a date ... too busy enjoying being engaged!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Showering the Perkins Pack

Lauren, one of my best friends from college - the L to SnL - recently gave birth to 6 tiny miracles. It was an honor to throw her a baby shower (with Emma) at the beginning of June. I am so proud of Lauren and the momma that she has become. I cannot wait to see these little ones grow up, and I cannot wait to one day see one of my kids (future kids - god willing) marry one of hers. The plans are already in the works ;-). I didn't take very many pictures, too busy hostessing, but here are the ones that I took of this fab shower. The theme was "Popped."

Adorable cake donated by - Cakes by Gina


The spread - Emma did a fabulous job with all the food ideas - we had strawberry pops, fruit pops, popcorn, marshmallow pops, and so on and so forth.

The cake was a hit!

The Momma and Me :-)