Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This is me with one less trash can.

My apartment complex started this new valet trash service, that I will eventually have to end up paying an extra $20 a month for. So they provided us with these black trashcans to put our trash bags in and then we are to set out the black trash can outside our door at night and the little trash fairies come and pick up our trash. WELL apparently what they didn't tell you is that occasionally they will STEAL, yes STEAL your trash can. I went to for my trash can tonight and apparently its gone. I don't know if they are punishing me for failing to bring it inside this morning or what. But really if they are eventually going to make me pay for this service, they shouldn't steal the trash can I have been told to use because i made ONE mistake of leaving it out. Seriously. This is dumb. Now i have to go all the way to the office and ask for my trash can back. Hello are we in 3rd grade again?

Monday, March 26, 2007

This is me with some updates on my life.

Not much to say right now. Just thought Id give a general update of my life:
  • 44 days till the semester is over.
  • 2 months till I start my job in FTW for 6 weeks.
  • 1 1/2 month till my 24th birthday.
  • Seems like the majority of my friends were born within a 2 week time span of each other in March.
  • Lauren Coombs is engaged!!! (not really update about my life, but she's been my best friend since 10th grade so might as well add it to my update...)
  • 3 weeks left at my job at the DA.
  • I love shoes.
  • I love dresses.
  • I'm learning how to cook more. Its fun. maybe you'll get a chance to sample my amazing cooking, maybe.
  • Trying to find motivation to get through the last part of the semester. TO DO - outlines, study, outline, study, outline, study, repeat.
  • I have my first ever hearing (motion to compel evidence) in front of a real judge this Friday, eek!
  • 80s Prom this weekend, way excited to wear my pink capris tights. Hot.
  • I have the best sisters!
  • 2 weeks till i visit Elaine in the 'burg.

That's about it. Need more info, just ask :)

Much Love

Yay: Really fun birthday party w/ the law friends last saturday night!!

Dang: school.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This is me reminded of why i hate statistics.

Here I am, a second year law student. Fully in the grasp of only having to read and analyze reading. In essence, what I mean is that one of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoy law school (ok that might be an exaggeration), is that law does not equal math. That means that while in law school and while i practice law in the future, I will never have to do math. I hate math. Hate it. With the more hatred than I have for anything in this whole world. Ok ok so not all math is bad. I can handle adding, subtracting, multiplication, and an occasional long division. But anything more than that, might as well have stuck me in my own personal hell. Such that on my final for business organizations, I skipped the math problem b/c it was only worth 2 pionts and didn't feel like spending the majority of my test time remembering how to do fractions. So here I sit (and am currently sitting) in Products Liability. And what pray tell are we talking about and is my professor writing all over the board? MATH. Not any kind of math, Statistics. That's right my friends. Its making me flash back to psych stats back in my sophomore year of college. Where not even my TA could speak english, literally and my prof was like 100 years old. Why oh why oh why must law involve statistics. Apparently this stuff is important too, to this course at least, in determining causation in relation to mass tort cases. Now my question to you is, when I am an attorney, can't I just hire someone to do this kind of crap for me? Yes I think so. So commence tuning out...

Friday, March 9, 2007

This is me excited that its finally spring break.

I too have nothing major going on right now. I'm in a middle of the semester slump so I am glad next week is spring break so i have a chance to rejuvenate. Not doing anything exciting. Hanging out, sleeping in, catching up on law school stuff, and going to visit my family in Arlington for a little while. Hopefully see some friends. For your entertainment here are some updates on my life from this week:

  • Tara and I got hit on by three middle aged men last night at Brian O'Neils, we realized that sometimes we just need to be mean, especially when they surrounded us.
  • Eating and then working out doesn't work well together.
  • Going to Rodeo again tonight to see Pat Green for the 4th time in my life!
  • I had McDonald's breakfast this morning b/c I had a craving, dont't judge.
  • Baylor won their first Big 12 Tournie game since 01 (maybe that's because it has been that long since they've played in the tournie... i know not an update on my life but its relevant).
  • I actually enjoyed the movie John Tucker Must Die.
  • This week has been filled with beautiful days. Good thing I have spent most of them indoors.
  • I'll be 24 in two months!
  • My hate for needles was drastically increased this week.

Well that's about it. Thrilling I realize. But you still love me :)

Much Love

Yay: SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!

Dang: lack of motivation generally.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

This is me as a quarterfinalist.

Well I have been back from NY now 4 days, so I figured I would update this thing. Here's a little rundown of my competition experience:
  • Made it to the quarterfinals!! Top 27 out of 70+ teams.
  • I was the first arguer of the entire competition in my round. And the minute I opened my mouth I had questions thrown at me.
  • Apparently when I get really nervous I start to act strange, so the combination of my 3 cups of coffee plus nerves made Sara really funny the first day of competition. Trey and David thought it was humorous.
  • Met a lot of other law schoolers from Chicago, Vermont, Utah, and Virginia. They were all really fun.
  • Ate a lot of really great food and drank some really great wine. Pretty awesome.
  • White Plains is really cold in Feb.
  • Judges should learn to keep their legs crossed, especially when its a woman in her 60s with a skirt suit on.
  • Hotels that charge $20 for a breakfast buffet are not cool.
  • Having my own hotel room is cool.
  • Mini-bars are cool too.
  • I am still in love with NYC.
  • While in NYC we got to see the MoMA- which mean I got to see some of my favorites such as Monet!! THen we had a tour of NBC studios where we caught part of the SNL cast rehearsing AND I got to see Dwight from the office live and in person.
  • I learned a few things from going to NYC -- wear comfortable shoes, beanies are a great investment, Johns Pizzaria is yummy and in an old church in the theater district, the next time I go to NYC i will see a show or four, I also learned how to navigate through Grand Central Station.
  • My hair looked much better in NY without the humidity.
  • My feet were mad at me after making them wear heals for 5 days.
  • I hate hose. Period. Whoever invented these things was dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.
  • How to properly pronounce Filet Mignon. (i know how to say it...no worries).
  • The cabs in White Plains are really kinda of trashy.

Other than NY- here is an update on the rest of my life:

  • I need to play catch up with school work like whoa.
  • Going to see Clay Walker and Pat Green within the next week!
  • Get to go to the Oregon coast for a week this summer w/ my family. Pretty awesome.
  • Most likely going on a cruise with Elaine this summer too.
  • Get to judge little 1Ls in their moot court rounds this Friday. Yes finally on the other side of the table. Prolly a bad thing I don't really understand the problem. Yea i'll need to work on that.
  • Completely understand Jen when she said that its hard to keep a small apt clean. I totally agree.
  • I really really like Jane Austen, I'm reading Pride and Prejudice now, and Sense and Sensibility next.
  • I'm sitting in class right now and have no idea what my prof is saying. What can I say, i'm a good law student.
  • Might lose my office at work, bummer.
  • My prof is wearing a complete denim outfit right now.
  • I never quite realized how much I enjoy wearing flip flops. Ahhhhh.
  • Timing sucks. Period.

Much Love

Yay: Clay Walker

Dang: Mike not coming back for a while. :(