Saturday, December 30, 2006

This is me saying goodbye to 2006

I'm sitting on my parents couch, my dad just finished watching Lawrence of Arabia (old school, it even had "Exit Music") and I decided to take a look back at the year of 2006.
  • Jan - NC with the family.
  • Discovered I could argue on my feet.
  • Finished my first year of law school.
  • Discovered how much fun Galveston can be.
  • Clerked at a state district court.
  • Got a job w/ the DA.
  • Still working for the DA.
  • Was visited by some great friends.
  • Began my 2nd year of law school.
  • Got a job for the summer of 2007.
  • Moved apartments.
  • Got my first pet- Phredd.
  • Chopped my hair off.
  • Made the National Environmental Law Competition.
  • Dated, broke up, dated, broke up, repeat.
  • Met a great guy :)
  • Great guy got deployed :( but i will see him again soon :)
  • Still trying to take each day as it comes.
  • Refined my baking skills.
  • Bought my first pair of Pumas (is it ok to be in love w/ a pair of shoes?)
  • Attended 9 weddings.
  • Once again realized how blessed I am by all my family and friends!!
  • Will spend the end of 2006 with some of those great friends.

That's about all I can think of. This past year seemed to fly by. Which only reminds me how fast time can go. I look forward to 2007 and what it will bring and the challenges and blessings that will occur.

Happy New Year to all!

Yay: Fun letters

Dang: The sun that is shining right into my eyes as I type this.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is me being finished with half of law school

As of 12:05 pm yesterday I am finished with half of law school. The past year and a half has gone by rather quickly considering how difficult it has been. But alas, I have survived, and will hopefully survive the next year and a half (and the bar). Lots of things have happened in the past year and a half such as:
  • surviving the first year
  • learning how to "think" like a lawyer
  • stepping out of my box
  • learning to take life as it comes
  • making great new friends
  • staying in touch with my great friends from college
  • learned that living by yourself is not such a bad thing, except for when you really need someone there
  • empowerment.
  • houston is a good city
  • how to just really appreciate the blessings in my life

That's just a little tid bit.

Last night was a lot of fun. Hit the town with the law school pals for the first time in 3 weeks. Always a great time. Then i get to head home to spend Christmas with the fam!!

Yay -- no more finals!

Dang -- still have to work three days next week

Friday, December 15, 2006

This is me staring out my bedroom window for the last time (well this year atleast)

Today is it, my last full day of studying. Finally. It seems like finals have gone on and on and on and on and on, you get my point. Tomorrow is my health law final, which hopefully by tomorrow at 9am i'll be ready for. No no I will be ready for it, even if it takes me staying up all night. In 25 hours I'll be done with half of law school. Strange. I'm all for make up exams and such but they pretty much suck when it makes you take finals when everyone else is finished. What I wouldn't give to be sleeping right now (yes it's 11 am, and yes I would still be sleeping). But, alas my friends, I am sitting at my desk studying. Evidence final took it out of me yesterday, 120 questions, 3 hours. What fun. Luckily I enjoy health law. So back to the Medicaid/Medicare adventure.

Yay - receiving a care package from Heidi.
Dang - still studying while everyone is out playing. Boo.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This is me stepping out of my box.

As many of y'all know (well the three that read this thing), I am a planner. Being a planner helps me greatly in law school b/c I can plan out my life. Such as now with finals, I plan down to the minute on how long certain activities will take me. For example, studying biz org from 12-6 pm will allow me 30.56 minutes (ok maybe not that exact) time to eat dinner and then proceed to health law studying from 6:30 till midnight. However, the planning side of me comes into conflict during finals when I am forced to budget in time for everyday things, such as showering, eating, sleeping. There just isnt time in the day for my usual 12-1 pm lunch break that (as lauren can attest to), i even scheduled classes in college around to make sure it didn't go away. But today, I didn't eat lunch at 12, or 1, but rather at 3 pm. And it wasn't even a "break" b/c I ate a sandwich while sitting at my desk studying partnership law. I noticed while I did this that something felt wrong, it wasn't right to not consider lunch a plausible break from studying. Also, showering. I haven't showered today. And i'm still sitting here in my pjs (which may be more information than is necessary). Its 3:47 pm. There just wasn't a time period to plan a shower in my day. This also goes against my normal planning life, b/c i typically shower right when I get up and it takes about 45 minutes to get ready. But today i couldn't do that b/c I woke up late, and showering would mean that I wouldn't have time to sit on my butt for an hour and eat breakfast (which I refuse to skip and I refuse to eat at my desk) and watch tv. Long story short, finals might actually be a positive. It's helping me step outside of my box and let me eat lunch at my desk, and not care that its now 3:49 pm and i'm still in my pjs. No worries, once finals are over life will go back to normal. Or maybe just maybe I'll take this as an opportunity to be sporadic and continue eating lunch on the run and skipping dinner altogether, but don't hold your breath.

Yay - understanding p'ship law
Dang - 5 1/2 more days of studying/test taking.

Friday, December 8, 2006

This is me being really cold.

Apparently we got a cold front in last night that I was not aware of. So when I stepped outside this morning to go to my 9 am final, I froze. Awesome. I'm one of those people who hates wearing jackets for the pure reason of having to keep up with it and so if I can avoid at all possible not wearing one I will. But this weather is not conducive to that lazy behavior. Nonetheless I am thankful I am also one of those people who likes to leave everything in their car b/c I had about 3 jackets to choose from. See, my habits really can be helpful sometimes. I knew there was a reason! I don't remember it being this cold last year, but maybe that's the way it always goes. Each year is always "so cold" or "so much hotter" than the last year, when I bet it's really all just the same. OH well enough of my rantings. Time to get on with the studying again. One final down, three more to go. December 16th is lookin mighty fine!

Thursday, December 7, 2006


Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. Its been a long week. Finals. It drains you, frustrates you, and becomes your very being. I'm sitting in the library right now, obvi not studying for my PR final i have tomorrow b/c i decided it would be more fun to set up a new blog for my friends instead of xanga. Who needs to be an ethical lawyer anyways. This is my first post on this thing. I'm not entirely sure how to use it or what not so it'll be a learning experience. But i'm always up for new adventures. That's about all I have to say now. More later. When it will be interested to read.