Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is me being finished with half of law school

As of 12:05 pm yesterday I am finished with half of law school. The past year and a half has gone by rather quickly considering how difficult it has been. But alas, I have survived, and will hopefully survive the next year and a half (and the bar). Lots of things have happened in the past year and a half such as:
  • surviving the first year
  • learning how to "think" like a lawyer
  • stepping out of my box
  • learning to take life as it comes
  • making great new friends
  • staying in touch with my great friends from college
  • learned that living by yourself is not such a bad thing, except for when you really need someone there
  • empowerment.
  • houston is a good city
  • how to just really appreciate the blessings in my life

That's just a little tid bit.

Last night was a lot of fun. Hit the town with the law school pals for the first time in 3 weeks. Always a great time. Then i get to head home to spend Christmas with the fam!!

Yay -- no more finals!

Dang -- still have to work three days next week


Brian said...

I miss you already!! Can't wait to see you on Friday for the party!!!! You are still coming, right?? Give me a call ( :

Brian said...

ps - this is elaine, don't know why its showing this is brian