Friday, December 8, 2006

This is me being really cold.

Apparently we got a cold front in last night that I was not aware of. So when I stepped outside this morning to go to my 9 am final, I froze. Awesome. I'm one of those people who hates wearing jackets for the pure reason of having to keep up with it and so if I can avoid at all possible not wearing one I will. But this weather is not conducive to that lazy behavior. Nonetheless I am thankful I am also one of those people who likes to leave everything in their car b/c I had about 3 jackets to choose from. See, my habits really can be helpful sometimes. I knew there was a reason! I don't remember it being this cold last year, but maybe that's the way it always goes. Each year is always "so cold" or "so much hotter" than the last year, when I bet it's really all just the same. OH well enough of my rantings. Time to get on with the studying again. One final down, three more to go. December 16th is lookin mighty fine!

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