Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Few of my Fave things that Get me Through the Day

Here is a list of my fave things that get me through the work day:

1. Coffee - whether its from Sbux, or from the coffee machine in the break room.
2. Daily afternoon emails with the boyfriend.
3. Daily emails with Elaine (that start normally in the morning and end when one of us leaves for home).
4. Lunch breaks and reading a book or meeting a friend for lunch.
5. My iHome and music. I think I might be the only attorney in my office that listens to music while they work, might be the generation gap, I'll see once the two new guys start in a month.
6. Talking with Rosa and Grace (two legal assistants).
7. Staring at the construction across the street.
8. Checking my fave websites during my breaks.
9. Thinking about whatever i have planned that night.

What are your fave things that get you through your work day? I tag - Elaine, Mel., Jen Lewis

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