Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mexico Vacay Day One

Here it is.. the long awaited vacation post! I will be doing them by days (and sometimes days combined)

Day Uno:

Patrick and I flew out of Houston around 7 am (which meant we had to be at the airport by 5 am, yikes, yea it was that bad). The only thing that got me through the wake up call at 3:30 am, was the fact that I knew I'd be in Mexico in a few short hours and able to take as long of a nap that I wanted.We arrived in lovely Cancun, Mexico that morning. Headed to the Resort, which was about 30 minutes from the airport. There were approximately 3 gates to get through before maknig it to our resort, I'd say the resort was pretty secure.

After we checked in

Upon our arrival, we were met with glasses of champagne (which I loved, and drank patrick's), and hot towels (i never really quite know what to do with those, so I wiped my hands(?) and gave it back). We checked in and were given a pager that would alert us when our room was ready (we got to the resort around 10:45 am, check in was at 3 pm). We went and ate breakfast at "The Lobster House" (one of the two outdoor restaurants, it was over the pool) and the toured aronud the resort (looking like touristas with our maps and guide). We finally settled in at the "Martini Bar" in the main lobby, in which most ppl will note that I left my "pina colosas" post on Facebook, I really hadn't drank that much by that point... Sure enough around 1 pm the Resort let us know our room was ready, and let me tell ya, we were ready for it and a good 3 hour nap that followed! After our nap from about 1:30 - 4:30 pm, we decided to check out the rest of the resort and grabbed some dinner at "The Grill", which is next door to "The Lobster House" and as one might assume from the title, serves food cooked on a grill (i.e. steaks). I had a tasty filet, patrick had a not so tasty ribeye, and ate the last half of my filet instead (resort food is always hit or miss).

This is the view from The Lobster House

After dinner - we ventured over to the "Alegria Bar" - the resorts version of a discoteque. We struck up a lovely conversation with a couple from Nebraska (who knew where Gothenburg was located (small town my college roomie Heidi is from). Karaoke was that night and so of course Patrick sang "Sweet Caroline" and brought the house down. We met another fun couple that night (who we hung out with various times throughout the week). They were from Canada, eh! And were super nice and we ended up talking to them till the bar closed down (how's that for shutting the bar down our first night).

At the Alegria Bar

It was a fun and long first day, and we couldn't wait to lay by the pool the next day, and the next ...

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