Friday, August 7, 2009

Simple Things in Life

I seem to find myself blogging about the simple things in life a lot. Well here's another one - the new HEB that just opened across the highway from my apt! When I lived in Wacky Waco for four years I shopped at either Walmart, or HEB. Both had good sale items and good food. Well, when I moved to Houston, I was sad to see that there wasn't an HEB or a Walmart anywhere nearby. I shopped at Kroger instead. Which, don't get me wrong, I like Kroger, a lot actually, and I know the Kroger by my apt very well after 4 years, and I even recognize the checkers, but its not HEB. Well, my friends, a new HEB just opened on Wed. AND its across the highway from my apt. AND its a new "hybrid" HEB, which means, its a Central Market and HEB mix. All the fun food of Central Market and all the fun sale items of HEB. I'm thrilled. I didn't make it to the grand opening, because to be honest, I googled yesterday to find out when it was opening. BUT I will be making a stop there today to buy items to make dessert for tonight (I love baking) and then will make a trip on Sunday to buy groceries for the week (i'm now trying to make recipes only from the Rachel Ray 365 Cookbook, we'll call it RR365 for short, because I love that book and I dont' use it often enough and hopefully it'll encourage me to cook more, and I love the Julie/Julia project and so it sounded fun to try my own, downsized version of it). In other words, yay for the new HEB!

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Melissa said...

The new HEB is AMAZING! we went Wednesday evening. A few things we got were: strawberries .75 for a pound, boneless chicken breast: 1.99 lb, and top of the line ribeye steaks: 5.99lb.
We are huge fans of the store. I was eagarly anticipating it's opening.