Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is me being impractical. (gasp I know)

I'm practical. As my roommate from college put it last night "if it doesn't fit into the sara plan, it doesn't work". Which apparently I didn't realize I was so intense about. Ok ok, so maybe I knew it a little bit. Maybe a lot a bit. But I am coming to realize that some of the best moments are those that are not planned. I can say I will be done with law school in 2008, I will take the bar in July, I will hopefully have a job after that point as well. But what I cannot say is that I will find love, that I will have a family, that I can predict friends, even that I can predict death. (ok that was a bit of a downer there, sorry). I can only HOPE for those things (well not death of course). I'm learning to let go, to not be so exactly planned in the personal areas of my life. Its ok to have a strategic plan to go along w/ my career. Goals, dreams if you will. They help me accomplish those goals and dreams. Each day I am going to take what comes, to keep dreaming for that great love, for that great relationship, for that great family. And, in the midst of all that dreaming, hopefully continue to learn that for practical Sara it is ok to be impractical.

Much love.

Yay: 25 minute phone calls :) (so what if they make my entire week better)
Dang: $400 books. awesome. Thanks law school.

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