Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is me realizing i'm old.

Do you ever have a moment when you realize that maybe you are getting older? Well, take for example this conundrum (sp?). Some times I have these moments where I see someone who is vaguely familiar to me. I stare at them at them a little longer, and realize that yes in fact I do know this person. But here's the tricky part, suddenly I can't remember which portion of my life I know them from. Did I go to HS with them at good ole Martin High? Or maybe met them at Memorial Cafeteria? Or do I merely know their face b/c I see them in the halls of UH HS (otherwise known as my law school)? SO i sit and catalog in my head why i know this face until I come to some sort of conclusion of where they have fallen in my 23, almost 24 years of life. I only bring this up because as I sit here in the red room study area, a guy keeps passing by that I know I know, but I haven't yet determined which are of my life... Which only makes me wonder if he is thinking the same thing?

Much love.

Kudos: JULY!

Dang: Finals. Yes, this will continue to be a dang till May 9th.

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