Friday, October 26, 2007

Shaking will cause explosion

Note to self - when sitting in library at school, do not shake the Arizona Green Tea can EVER. It will explode, all over you and the table and the guy sitting next you will laugh and make a nice comment of "probably shouldn't have done that".

This weekend is going to be great. I can feel it.

Tonight -- Maroon 5 at the Toyota Center w/ Alisa, and a little Calif Pizza Kitchen beforehand. I told Patrick Alisa and I's goal was to get backstage and some alone time w/ Adam Levine. I have to make good on my promise to him.

Tomorrow night -- Halloween Party w/ the law school ppl. Its my last one, and this year the majority of my friends from school are attending. Cannot wait. I have a fun costume -- blueberry muffin from Strawberrry Shortcake - which involves some green and white thigh highs which I think make my legs look weird, but others swear they are cool - and a really fun bonnet (and by fun I mean dorky, which i'm still debating on wearing). OH and my boyfriend will finalllyyyy be back in Houston after hunting in CO all week. About darn time i say.

Intermingled in all this fun is of course studying for the MPRE and researching for Pace and working on trial ad stuff. Its about that time of the year when i start to freak out about school and go into hermit mode. I apologize beforehand for any absurd study habits I might display in the coming days.

Well I guess in accordance w/ that, I should probably get to work since I did come all the way to the library on a friday to do some research that I have yet to do since I got here 30 minutes ago -- on it.

Much love.

Yay: Fun weekend.
Dang: Schoolness.

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