Monday, October 29, 2007

I think i'll go back to wearing pig tails more often.

This weekend was great! The Maroon 5 concert rocked my socks off (or shoes rather - yes i took them off half way through the show and stood in my socked feet, hey, 3 inch heels hurt after a while). Adam Levine is really hot and does a great show. They did a good mix of old and new stuff which was fun. Sweetest Goodbye, Sunday Morning, and the finale of She Will Be Loved were my favorites. He even did a rendition of Phil Collins Dead of Night "I can feel it coming in the dead of night, oh Lord ..."

The Law Halloween party was the best yet! The night was a blast. It was fun seeing everyone in costumes and also not recognizing people who were in costumes. I love halloween, and it hasn't even come yet. I need to see a scary movie or something on the 31st.

Boyfriend returned!! And brought me lovely souveniers - two magnets (for my magnet obsession) and a really cute shirt from Durango. I am blessed w/ an amazing guy :) I'm glad he's back. I have to say, I do enjoy the non long distance relationship that I finally get to have. It sure is nice being able to see them everyday if I want and actually do normal every day things with. Not to mention I have three classes with him in a row on T/Th, that helps too :).

Now it is no fun school time. I am sitting at my desk right now studying ethics for my ethics bar test on Saturday (that Lainey and Tara get to endure as well). I am on page 43 of the outline, there are oh about 150 pages. Sweet. SO of course why not waste more time and post? I also have to read through a bunch of research for my competition. AND prepare for a practice Voir Dire tonight. OH BOY! Hopefully I will survive this week. And i was planning on going to Baylor HCing, but now i'm not sure its going to be a reality, for once school is taking over my life and I really can't justify it. Boo. Boo. Boo.

Alright, back to studying why L's owe a duty of confidentiality to C's ....

Much love.

Yay: Cool weather, got to wear my new jacket!

Dang: Studying and not being able to enjoy the nice weather.

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