Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is me with an update.

  • Played in a softball tournie for 12+ hours yesterday on the "3L Slackers" team. It was a lot of fun and we ended up making it to the semis and getting third.
  • Because of that tournament every inch of my body is sore today. Boo. I could use a bath. Too bad I don't have a big tub.
  • Sat through a really fun 4 hour ethics review course ---
  • To take the MPRE (multi-state professional responsibility exam) on Nov. 3. In order to get licensed, you have to pass the ethic test. Ironic.
  • I am going to Baylor HCing on Nov 3 after my test! Yay so excited, miss me some Baylor.
  • Still working on my competition. Need to start researching now. Instead of watching tv. oh well.
  • I went and got myself a boyfriend, his name is Patrick, and he is great :).
  • Can't believe Christmas is almost two months away.
  • Going on a CRUISE for a week in the Caribbean the week after finals, soooo excited, yay!
  • Think I found a bike I like.
  • Wish Patrick would get back from Durango now. Thanks.
  • Realized how much I like not being in a long distance relationship. Its nice having someone around all the time.
  • Should probably get back to work, orr watch Extreme Makeover, ok i'll do that then get to work.

Much Love!

Yay: "Hill country flowers" and dessert and a guy that makes me smile.

Dang: Soreness and busy-ness, boo.

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