Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little sample of the crazy-ness that is my life right now.

Here's a little run down of everything I have on my plate right now:

  • Helping host the National Moot Court Regional Competition Thurs. - Sat.
  • Brief due for Pace Competition on Dec. 3rd -- i have one issue written, need to edit, then write my second, then edit, then put together. awesome. Conveniently due 3 days before my first final. love it.
  • BIG trial on Saturday. I am in a trial advocacy class, and for our final we have to do a trial, from voir dire to closing to motions in limine, the whole she bang. I'm pretty excited about this one, not to mention nervous, better get my arguing shoes on.
  • OH and did I mention i have four finals this semester, b/c I do. And those start in 4 weeks. I don't even have time to think about them at this point. Sweet.

Deep breaths.

But there are some good things right now that are keeping me from going insane, such as:

  • Getting to go home on Tuesday and hang out w/ my family and friends for Thanksgiving break. (no worries I will be doing some studying too).
  • Getting to eat my favorite meal of the year, gorge myself if you will.
  • My boyfriend who encourages me and keeps me from ripping my hair out even though he is just as stressed.
  • Starbucks christmas cups.
  • Making desserts.
  • Cooking.
  • Vanilla Hazelnut coffee from Einstein Bagels.
  • Riding my new bike.
  • Sleeping.
  • Focusing on the cruise i get to go on the day after finals end!

Sorry for being such a debbie downer in this post, life is just hectic right now, but that's nothing new for this time of year.

Much love.

Yay: Getting all ym classes when i registered FOR THE LAST TIME EVER!!

Dang: See above.

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