Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I am loving right now ...

My IHome. I received this lovely present from my wonderful parents for my birthday this past weekend. I have been listening to music now every day all day at work and just makes the day go by so much better when I have a little entertainment coming from the left side of my desk. Right now i'm enjoying 99.1 (which for non-houstonites is the soft rock station - ha yes friends that is right, but they play such fun oldies and love songs that i find myself singing along). I'm sure later I'll enjoy a little bit of my IPod selections (really into - Adele and Ray Lamontagne right now) and maybe a bit of talk radio (Medved!).

My Snuggie. Nothing quite like rolling up in a blue fleece blanket, while I watch Gossip Girl, drink a glass of wine, and still have the use of my arms (thanks again Elaine!).

My fun jewelry. I tried to pass the word along for my birthday that I desperately needed fun necklaces to spice up my work outfits, and my awesome friends delivered. It is so nice now to have fun jewelry to brighten up my day :)

My Slumdog Millionaire movie. Graciously given to me by the L in SNL.

My Star Trek experience (and Chris Pine - H-O-T-T). Friday night Patrick and I went to the opening of the new Star Trek movie. Now friends, I'm not a trekkie, nor have I ever really seen any episodes of Star Trek. And I received a brief synopsis of characters while waiting in line from the drunk guys standing in front of us. Needless to say, I greatly enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining and engaging. I recommend it for anyone, especially us none star trek followers. Not to mention, Chris Pine, is one good looking James T. Kirk.

My new watch. I am still getting used to being able to know what time it is, and i still seek the time out from other objects than my watch. But seeing as how I have to "bill" my time it's nice now to know what time I start projects and finish them. Oh the joys of being an attorney.


AND - Shelley's Getting Married This Weekend!!!!!

I cannot wait for the wedding festivities. I am headed to Dallas tomorrow night in order to be bright and shiny for the start of wedding fun on Friday morning. I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle and marry Dan. I'll definitely have pics (I'll remember the memory card this time) next week!

Much Love.

Yay: Focus.
Dang: Wishing it was Thursday.

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onthefritts said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I got to see your folks this weekend at the anniversary party at the ranch. We still need to meet Patrick and you need to meet Maddy! Love you dear!