Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Festivities Recap


On Saturday, May 2nd, I had a Fiesta for my Birthday! I had it at my sister's house in Pearland. Patrick and Steve grilled fajitas and we had lots of ritas. I set up rock band in the living room and jammed out. About 40 people showed up, which really meant a lot to me! Including my dear friends from Houston and those great friends who drove all the way from D-Town to celebrate with me (Elaine and Leslie, Liz and Josh!) I had a really great time ringing in my 26th year of life. This was the first party I was able to have since high school due to my birthday always falling in the middle of finals. Not anymore! Shout out to Elaine - she got me a Snuggie. Be jealous, its okay. I unfortunately left my memory card in my computer so I don't have any pics, but Elaine graciously let me use her camera all night so I'm just waiting for those (hint hint ;) ).

Actual Birthday:

Tuesday May 5th was the actual Cinco de Sara Day. I am now in the real world and unfortunately had to work on my birthday. That morning I met a good friend for Breakfast at Buffy Grille (one of my fave breakfast places). Then I went to work and had a depo all morning (that's short for deposition). I came back from the depo and lunch and had pink roses waiting for me sent my from wonderful parents, it was a very sweet surprise (they are still alive and sitting on my desk at work, makes me happy when I look at them during the day). That evening I went to dinner with Patrick at this yummy italian place in Rice Village. We drank wine and ate a lovely dinner outside on their patio. He got me a very pretty james avery necklace that matches my earrings, it has two pearls on it and is silver. I luvs it. All in all a great birthday day!

Parental Celebration:

My parents came into town for the day on Saturday. We went to brunch at Benjy's, this really cool local restaurant, we sipped mimosas (by sip I mean I had three, oops) and had a wonderful brunch. Then we went to The Menil Collection. The Menil is a free museum with art exhibits - Picasso, Matisse, the list goes on. It is located down the street from my apt and I had never been before. It was truly peaceful and relaxing. They had a nice park next to the museum which looked like a perfect spot to come during a lazy day in the summer, throw a book down, and read a book. I'm tellin ya it was perfect and quiet and wonderful. After the museum, we went to hang out at my apartment until dinner. My parents napped and I watched tv and played with my new IHome i got from my parents for my office (which I used today and it made the day go by so much better), and set my new watch I also got from my parents. That night my parents, Patrick, and Kate went to dinner at my fave little italian joint in houston, Collinas. They have the best pizza and they are BYOW (bring your own wine). My parents had never eaten there before so I was excited to share it with them. They enjoyed it as well!

I had a truly great 26th birthday! I can't believe next years birthday is 27, yikes...

Much love.

Yay: 4 day work weeks.
Dang: Got my butt kicked at my trainer this morning - that may be a good thing though.

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Elaine said...

I'll give you a CD of pictures at Shelley's wedding this weekend! And hopefully I'll have time to post some this week on the blog!