Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend(s) Update.

Well I have had some fun weekends lately and realized I haven't posted about them!

- Opera! A few weeks back Patrick's boss invited he and I to go to the Opera with she and her boyfriend. We accepted, and I am sure glad we did! We saw Chorus! from the Houston Opera. It was a compilation of different chorus numbers from popular operas put to their own story. I loved it. We sat in a box (pretty woman style, minus the hooker part), and ate a fancy dinner beforehand. During intermission they had champagne and dessert waiting. A truly fancy evening, one I'll never forget!
- Last weekend - I went to visit my family for my dad's birthday. I got in town on Friday night. We ate dinner at Cafe Madrid in Dallas, which is a tapas restaurant. I recommend it for you Dallas-ites. Very good Sangria! On Saturday we went to the Fort worth Stockshow. Watched the auction, some some animals, rode some rides, and had a lovely day with my dad, kate, and steve. That night my dad made steaks, and we had potatoes and wine. It was tasty! I came back to houston on Sunday, it was sad to leave as always.
-Valentine's Day - yesterday was great! Patrick sent me two dozen roses - mix of white, pink, and red, in a cute white, pink, red vase (notice a theme) and a teddy bear. He picked me up at 730 and we ate dinner at Perry's Steakhouse in Sugarland. It was super tasty and they had a good valentine's day menu (assorted appetizers with shrimp, crab cake, sausage, and fried asparagus with crab meat, filet, and wedge salad with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert). He got me pearl earrings to match the ring he got me for our one year (james avery)! He is such an amazing guy and I am glad that he is my valentine, can't wait for many more!

This coming weekend should be super fun! On friday I am meeting Elaine and Kasey for Sing at baylor!! And then Saturday night going to see Robert Earl Keen at Billy Bob's with Patrick, Elaine, and Brian! Really excited, now just have to get through the work week (i get tomorrow off, yay!)

Much love.

yay: picking up food from My Fit Foods!
dang: my poor callie is in pain b/c of me :(

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