Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekend Rewind (a little delayed)

This past weekend I didn't do much, and it was lovvelly (said like Eliza Dolittle).

Well, my weekend sort of started on Thursday night. I went to see My Fair Lady with the Junior League - we watched the final dress rehearsal. It was a good performance, just longggggg. Beforehand the "little leaguers" and I grabbed wine and apps at Artista.

(Sidenote - I have become absolutely terrible at taking pictures the past year. terrible. I am disappointed in myself. I'm hoping to remedy that).

Friday night I went bowling with some friends for our friend's bowling for Leukemia event.

Saturday I went to see Breaking Dawn with a co-worker/friend of mine. We saw it at 10:30 am, thinking the theater wouldn't be packed, we were wrong. We still managed to snag some seats in the middle in order to best view the cheesiness. And man, it did not disappoint with the cheesiness. What can I say - I read all the books - I have to see the movies. Patrick doesn't understand, but I told him that it is not important for him to understand.

The afternoon I dealth with a dead battery and ended up at a bar across the street from the battery place for 3 hours. No, I do not have a problem - as my parents asked. Ha. It was originally only supposed to take 1 hour, and 1 turned into 2 turned into 3. What can you do.

That night Patrick and I watched the last Harry Potter movie - which we originally saw when we were in Vegas this past summer. We are that cool.  (BTW - I owe a post about the Garth Brooks concert we went to in vegas in July. It was ah-mazing.)

Sunday was a household domestic duties day. Nothing exciting to report!

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow, especially our first thanksgiving with my new niece who is now almost one month old. My how time flies.

I am thankful for a lot of things this year. Especially that little nugget above.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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