Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Return of the Sara.

Where in the world is Sara? Here I am! Yes, it has been a 7 month sojourn, but I have returned to blogger land.

Do not dismay my friends, there is nothing really new to report. I am still a working woman. However, I am now 1 year away from turning the big 3-0. The boyfriend and I are still happily dating. And, my niece is still just as cute as ever:

I will try to start posting more often in the coming days/months. I cannot guarantee daily or even weekly posts, but hopefully more often than 2 x a year.

I am excited about one thing at the moment - a tropical and romantical vacay with the boyfriend in a few short weeks. I look forward to spending a week with this fellow:

Until then my readers, much love.

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