Monday, October 7, 2013

Hawaiian Honeymoon - Day 3 ....

Our 2nd full day, we ventured out from the resort to explore Kaua'i. There is one main highway in Kaua'i that runs up the coast. Our resort was located in Poipu, which is on the southern coast. So we headed Northeast up the coastline. The guide book I bought had a great tour of spots along the highway, so we followed that in our drive. It took us to some beautiful sites! (Get ready for picture overload).

Part of the highway, tall, beautiful trees!

The husband driving...

The first stop was a beautiful waterfall... I wish I could remember the name, but that's the problem with doing recaps 4 months later....

The second water fall of the day!

The Wailua River

Lunch in Hanalee Bay!

Patrick took this picture by standing on a guardrail on a cliff... I may or may not have yelled at him.
 After lunch, we drove down the highway to the very end of the road to find a beach. After almost getting our convertible stuck in a gravel parking lot, we ventured back towards Hanalee, and found a parking spot at this public beach. It was beautiful. We stayed here for a few hours, and enjoyed the water.
A man and the sea.

That's Patrick. The waves were legit. Too legit to quit (coudn't help myself).

I am pretty sure this was taken right before I got knocked down...
I apparently didn't take any more pictures that day, which is very uncharateristic of me! After the beach, we drove back to our resort with a pit stop at Macy's so Patrick could buy shorts since he left all of his (but one pair) in the dryer at home, oops.
That night, with the help of Yelp (which was utilized immensely on this trip), we headed to dinner at a local italian restaurant. Patrick's GPS on his phone led us to an apartment building 30 minutes from our hotel. Sara's GPS led us back to the right area, 5 minutes from our hotel. The italian restuarant was cozy, and the food was tasty. I enjoyed the sorbet the best!
After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for a night cap at the library.
On to Day 4....

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