Monday, October 7, 2013

Honeymoon - Day 1 and 2 ... Travel + First Full day in Kaua'i

I realize this post is out of order, but I am seriously missing our care-free honeymoon days, so I skipped over the wedding weekend to deliver this recap (no worries, full wedding recap to come).
The sunday after our wedding, we drove back to Houston, and packed for our two week Hawaiian honeymoon! The following day, Monday, June 3rd, we headed to the airport to catch our noon flight to LAX, followed by our flight to Kaua'i, Hawaii.
Hanging out in the Chili's before boaring our flight, usual.

Not tired at all.

We had a bit of a layover in LA, but managed to buy a one day pass to the United lounge, where we saw the lead singer of Foo Fighters. Patrick knocked out some last minute work (yes, ugh!), and I knocked out some vodka/soda cocktails. Little bit of flying anxiety. The three hour layover seemed to drag on, but we finally boarded our flight to Hawaii, five more hours till paradise.

We arrived in Kaua'i around 8 pm (Hawaiian time, 1 am Texas time). We were exhausted, but excited to finally be in Hawaii! We rented a convertible for the week, and headed to our resort - the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. After driving to the wrong entrance initially, we finally manuevered our way to the hotel lobby. We were welcomed with lei's and hawaiian beads. Patrick checked us in, and then we headed to our room. We had a wonderful room, with an amazing view of the adult pool area (which we were right next to, thankfully), and the ocean. We were so tired, and ordered dinner in our room then hit the hay so we could wake up refreshed for our first full day.

The next morning we woke up and saw how great our view really was! We headed down to the hotel's breakfast buffet (I'm a fan of breakfast).

Our view at breakfast...not bad...

The Husband at Breakfast... Not pictured -- a very tired looking Sara.

View from the hotel lobby.
We rented a cabana for the day at the adult pool, and enjoyed cocktails, and rest. We also planned out our following days in Kaua'i. It was total relaxation, and I loved every minute.

The view.

Total relaxation.

The pools at the hotel were awesome. There was an adult pool, and then a lazy river connected that to a big slide to take you down to the lower pools (the Hotel is built into the side of a hill on the coast). Patrick and I enjoyed taking the lazy river to the slide, and taking that down to the lower pools. Least effort required.
That night for dinner, we headed to a restaurant at the Hotel called Tidepools. It was located at the bottom the resort surroundined by tide pools, go figure. It was very tasty, and we enjoyed our first nice meal in Hawaii (and my first of many fish dishes).
Dinner after our first full day!

After dinner, we grabbed a cocktail in the hotel bar, Stevenson's Library. It looked like a library, and served very tasty cocktails with a nice view of the ocean. It was a very restful first day, which was perfect since the next day we had lots planned out of the resort!

Day 3 to come ....

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