Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is me happy.

Well I haven't updated in a while, but that's because my life is kind of really extremely hectic right now. Here's an update of whats been going on:

  • Boyfriend - GREAT! I had the best valentine's day i have ever had. He sent me 2 dozen tulips (my favorite flower), and then cooked me a special dinner of steak and pasta salad and broccoli w/ dessert AND bought me across the universe and we watched that :) He also got me pedals for my bike (see below why i need pedals). I had a great time and he made me feel incredibly special and cared for. What can I say, I have lucked out finally :) We've been officially dating 4 months as of today, and 5 months total. Yea, i'm happy.
  • Cycling: Coming along. I did a 35 mile ride this morning and it was a work out but I felt good afterwards that I finished. My legs felt like jelly though when I got off my bike, but I felt really rewarded. Hopefully the next ride will be in the 40-50 mile range. Slowly trying to work up to 90, whcih is what i have to do the first day of the MS150. The pedals are important b/c you get bike shoes that clip into the pedals which makes the ride a lot more efficient, and trust me they made a HUGE difference this morning, I could go much much faster.
  • Moot Court: I leave THIS wed for 5 days in NY, white plains to be exact for an Environmental Law Moot Court Competition (Did it last year)... We've been practice since school started and I feel almsot ready..hopefully we'll do well. I will let y'all know b/c i prolly won't post again till I get back.
  • Job hunt: well nothing to update there, still no job yet..well i have a part time job at a firm.. we'll see.
  • Get to see a BUNCH of college friends in the next month at Elaine and Jen's weddings. So excited to be back will all my Baylor kiddos. Yay! AND get to introduce Patrick to all of them, yes at the same time, but he's good. haha.

That's about whats goin on in my life...

Much love.

Yay: Amazing boyfriend and beautiful days to ride..

Dang: Sunglass lines on my face from the sunburn in FEB.

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Jen said...

Yay! So excited to meet him!!