Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is me hating my teeth.

As some of you may not know, I have really bad luck with teeth. I pride myself on excellent oral hygeine, flossing, brushing, rinsing, etc. Yet for some reason my teeth like to retaliate. I have had two root canals, and now have two crowns, and countless fillings for cavities. I am the lucky inheriter of soft enamel from my grandpa on my mom's side. Well, that brings me to today, the 3rd of Feb, an hour before the superbowl, which I was supposed to be watching with friends, but instead I'll be watching at my apt in a pain killer daze. Why do you ask? Well what started out as a silly little toothache on Thursday, has now, three days later taken over my every being. Last night at about 3:30 am I woke up crying (which apparently you can do in your sleep, who knew) with shooting pains up the side of my face where my tooth is, never a good sign. I took some advil and a few hours later too some more, and then some more, and then some aleve, and yet the pain did not go away. At this point my quality of life was being affected. Luckily my wonderful older sister works at an Emergency Center in Pearland, and so I drove down there, and saw the doctor on duty who prescribed me some antibiotic and pain killer, specifically vicodin, needless to say I am not at home, instead of at my friend's house, with my face still throbbing and waiting for the pain med to take effect. I hate tooth pain and most of all i hate that dentists DONT work on the weekends. I mean I understand, but whatever. I'll be seeing him hopefully tomorrow if not Tues. I think a swollen face is ample emergency.

Other than that, this weekend was pretty low key. I start my new job tomorrow (which is why the dentist appt may not happen tomorrow, not sure how i feel about calling in sick the first day of work) at the law firm and i'm super excited. I got my W-2's in the mail and should be getting a nice middle of the semester present. This week will be super busy once again, i have practice tomorrow night, tuesday, friday and all day saturday again (oh i had practice this past saturday for 6 hours, don't be jeal), and possibly sunday. And then i need to start doing research for my 40 page paper which my first draft is due the day i leave for my competition in NY.

Oh and I"m rooting for the Giants, just to be clear, i think an upset would be nice :)

Much love.

Yay: The boyfriend who is willing to come sit with me during the superbowl so i'm not sitting alone in my pain.
Dang: tooth pain shooting through my face.


Jen said...

your poor teeth! that's the worst!! hope you feel better soon :)

Jen said...

Also, are you planning on bringing the boyfriend to the wedding? I'd love to meet him! Let me know! :)